There are many state of the art research laboratories available to the Concrete Technology Research Team at NUI Galway. Some of these that are currently being used in the team’s research projects are:

  • SL07 Materials Lab

The New Engineering Building (NEB) at NUIG consolidates all engineering education and research activities into one building which will not only provide a learning environment, but will itself act as a 

Embedded sensors in structural elements in the new engineering building are providing valuable data on the short and long term performances of various reinforced concrete structural elements. For example, internal strains and temperatures of a 40 tonne prestressed reinforced concrete transfer box beam, a precast double-tee unit and a novel void-formed flat slab flooring system are being monitored through vibrating wire gauges, electrical resistance gauges and thermistors. The live information from these sensors can be used for undergraduate teaching, adding to the idea of the building as being a  for structural engineering.