Dr. Michael Hartnett
  • coastal, shelf and ocean modelling (physical and numerical)
  • impacts of climate change on marine circulation
  • operational modelling
  • coastal flooding
  • offshore structural dynamics
Dr. Eoghan Clifford
  • Low Energy/Sustainable technology Development from Water, Wastewater & Waste Treatment
Dr. Jamie Goggins
  • Embodied energy and carbon of materials and products;
  • Wave energy
  • Life Cycle Assessment Energy and Carbon Frameworks
  • Smart Green Buildings
  • Structural Health Monitoring of Offshore Devices
  • Sustainable Construction Technology
Dr. Marcus Keane
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Building Energy Simulation
  • Building Management Systems
  • Energy efficient technologies and building auditing
Dr. Annette Harte
  • offshore structural dynamics
  • fatigue analysis of offshore pipelines
  • mooring systems for offshore renewable energy devices
  • computer modelling
Dr. Stephen Nash
  • physical and computer modelling of marine and coastal waters
  • multi-scale modelling
  • hydrodynamics and water quality
  • tidal energy
  • environmental impact assessment
Dr. Thomas Mullarkey
  • offshore structural dynamics
  • wave climate modelling
  • computer modelling
Dr. Xinmin Zhan
  • Biofuels (biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol)
  • Low Energy/Sustainable technology Development from Water, Wastewater & Waste Treatment
  • Net Zero Energy Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants
Post Doctoral
Dr. Indiana Olbert
  • coastal, shelf and ocean modelling (physical and numerical)
  • climate change modelling
  • operational modelling
  • tidal energy
Tel: +353 (91) 493208
Dr. Andrea Costa
  • Optimisation of building operation though a combination of smart metering, building energy modelling and reduced order models
  • Fault detection of HVAC systems based on customised visualisation and model based benchmarking
Tel: +353 (91) 495925
Dr. Paul Raftery
  • Fault detection and diagnosis (FDD)
  • Calibration of whole building energy models
  • Commercial and industrial building energy auditing
  • Visualisation of building energy performance data
  • Performance analysis of innovative HVAC systems
Tel: +353 (91) 493086
Post Graduate
Luminita Boblea Estuarine hydrodynamic modelling using cylindrical polar coordinates. Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Joanne Comer Modelling extreme flood events due to tides, rivers and storm surges Tel: +353 (91) 493208
Darren Coppinger Modelling the hydro-environmental impacts of tidal turbine energy extraction on coastal waters Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Edward Corry Building information modelling, building energy performance optimisation Tel: +353 (87) 7970088
David Fallon Tidal current energy resource assessment Tel: +353 (91) 492647
William Finnegan Structural health monitoring of ocean energy devices Tel: +353 (91) 493174
Magdalena Hajdukiewicz Calibrated computational fluid dynamic modelling of indoor built environment Tel: +353 (91) 493086
Joseph McGovern Assessment of environmental compliance of waterbodies through integration of monitoring and modelling. Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Mark McCaffrey An input output energy methodology for life cycle assessment of embodied energy and carbon in Irish products & services Tel: +353 (91) 493174
Noreen O’Brien Tidal energy in the Shannon Estuary Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Fearghal O’Donncha Impacts of aquaculture developments on hydrodynamic circulation patterns. Tel: +353 (91) 493086
Robert O’Grady Localised Assessment of Pipeline Integrity after Ultra-Deep S-Lay Installation  
Padraic Kirrane Advancement of a Design Life Prediction Technique for Steel Tube Umbilicals Tel: +353 (91) 493174
Ignacio Torrens Reduced order modelling of buildings, model based control of buildings, building energy benchmarks Tel: +353 (91) 495925
Gearoid White Continuous commissioning Tel: +353 (91) 493174