Dr. Clifford has been involved in the development of a number of water and waste treatment technologies. His research focus is on the development and validation of new environmental and energy efficient technologies for water treatment, wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, and odour & gas treatment.

Dr. Goggins’ research interests linked to the activities of the Institute for Environment, Marine and Energy include the development of sustainable construction technologies, energy efficient buildings, embodied energy analysis, ocean energy, structural control and health monitoring, and computational mechanics.

Dr. Hartnett is the Research Director of the Marine Modelling Centre. Activities within the centre include: deep ocean water circulation modelling; estuarine and coastal circulation modelling; nutrient modelling; water quality modelling; biological modelling; heavy metal modelling; wave climate modelling; and modelling air-sea interfaces.

Dr. Keane is the leader of the Sustainability and Built Environment priority research area. He is a lecturer in Civil Engineering, and the founder and NUI Galway Head of the Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE), which is dually affiliated to UCC.

Stephen’s interests are in the numerical modelling of marine waters from shallow coastal waters to the deep ocean. Particular processes of interest are tidal circulation, transport of pollutants, water quality and primary production.

Dr. Zhan’s research interest is to develop a sustainable agricultural industry by studying the environmental and energy issues: (i) biofuels production from agro-industrial wastes and crop by-products (ii) advanced technologies for nitrogen removal from wastewater (iii) development of adsorbents and nanomaterials for water supply, wastewater treatment and biofuel production.

Post Doctoral Researchers / Research Engineers

  • Fault detection and diagnosis (FDD)
  • Calibration of whole building energy models
  • Commercial and industrial building energy auditing
  • Visualisation of building energy performance data
  • Performance analysis of innovative HVAC systems
Post Graduate
Luminita Boblea Estuarine hydrodynamic modelling using cylindrical polar coordinates. Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Joanne Comer Modelling extreme flood events due to tides, rivers and storm surges Tel: +353 (91) 493208
Darren Coppinger Modelling the hydro-environmental impacts of tidal turbine energy extraction on coastal waters Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Edward Corry Building information modelling, building energy performance optimisation Tel: +353 (87) 7970088
David Fallon Tidal current energy resource assessment Tel: +353 (91) 492647
William Finnegan Structural health monitoring of ocean energy devices Tel: +353 (91) 493174
Magdalena Hajdukiewicz Calibrated computational fluid dynamic modelling of indoor built environment Tel: +353 (91) 493086
Joseph McGovern Assessment of environmental compliance of waterbodies through integration of monitoring and modelling. Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Mark McCaffrey An input output energy methodology for life cycle assessment of embodied energy and carbon in Irish products & services Tel: +353 (91) 493174
Noreen O’Brien Tidal energy in the Shannon Estuary Tel: +353 (91) 495875
Fearghal O’Donncha Impacts of aquaculture developments on hydrodynamic circulation patterns. Tel: +353 (91) 493086
Robert O’Grady Localised Assessment of Pipeline Integrity after Ultra-Deep S-Lay Installation  
Padraic Kirrane Advancement of a Design Life Prediction Technique for Steel Tube Umbilicals Tel: +353 (91) 493174
Ignacio Torrens Reduced order modelling of buildings, model based control of buildings, building energy benchmarks Tel: +353 (91) 495925
Gearoid White Continuous commissioning Tel: +353 (91) 493174