The Discipline of Civil Engineering houses a range of experimental and computational facilities for conducting research in the area of marine and coastal engineering.

Computational Facilities

The computational facilities include a wide range of well-recognised numerical modelling systems with applications ranging from deep ocean waters, to shallower coastal waters and on-shore freshwater systems. Some of these modelling systems include:

POM – a three-dimensional oceanographic model
DIVAST – a two-dimensional depth-averaged coastal model
TRIVAST – a three-dimensional shallow coastal model
ECOMSED – a three-dimensional coastal model

State-of-the-art software packages such as SURFER, Tecplot, ArcGIS and AutoCAD are available for digitisation of bathymetric charts and data analysis, interrogation and visualisation. Finite element analysis software is available for modelling and analysis of offshore structures and high performance computing facilities, provided by the Irish Centre for High-End Computing, are also available for computationally intensive numerical modelling.