Transport, and mobility more generally, is vital to society, economy and environment. Yet the transport sector faces major challenges in reducing environmental impact while maintaining connectivity. For example, three-quarters of the population travel to work by car and transport-related emissions have more than doubled since 1990.

Transport engineering researchers at NUI Galway focus on developing innovative solutions for improving sustainability in the transport system. The research group also works in the related area of cycling aerodynamics with a current focus on elite level cycling. In this research, we work closely with international collaborators (such as UC Berkeley, Eindhoven University of Technology, KU Leuven) and national and local stakeholders (including the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Galway City Council, Cycling Ireland, Sport Ireland and Paralympics Ireland).

Some of our research to date has included:

  • GPS-based apps for travel planning
  • Design of walking and cycling infrastructure
  • University travel planning
  • Aerodynamic performance in cycling
  • Greenway planning and design
  • Urban planning, pedestrianisation and shared spaces
  • Analysis of bike share schemes
  • Permeability and connectivity of the built environment
  • Road materials testing
  • Aerodynamic modelling of cyclists

Further information of the application of highway and transport research in various areas can be found in these research topics: