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Dr. Duffy’s research interests are in magnetic component design, wearable power generators, wireless powering, and sensors. She is based in the Power Electronics Research Centre at NUI Galway. Click here to listen to an interview with Dr. Maeve Duffy on our Itunes pod cast channel: Ryan Institute Pod cast Channel

Prof. Hurley is the director of the Power Electronics Research Centre, established in 1992. He has over 30 years experience in the areas of electromagnetics, power electronics, and renewable energy. He has published over 100 papers in journals and at international conferences.

Adjunct Appointments

Professor Patrick Denny

Adjunct Professor of Automotive Electronics


Professor Ignatius Rasiah

Adjunct Professor of Electronic Engineering Innovation



Professor Alejandro Rodriguez

Adjunct Professor of Gerontechnology



Dr. Jorge Serrador

Adjunct Professor of Cardiovascular Electronics



Professor Werner Wölfle

Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering



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