Information Technology

Semester 1 2014-2015 DRAFT Timetables - Note check back regularly in the first few weeks of term as these may be subject to change

Lecturers will advise the start date of Labs during lectures. Attendance at all lectures is compulsory.

Effective from 2nd September 2013, all lectures will commence on the hour (e.g. 9am, 10am, 11am etc.) and finish at ten minutes to the hour (e.g. 9.50am, 10.50am, 11.50am etc.)


BSc.(Honours) in Computer Science & Information Technology

1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year


BA with IT as a subject

1st year‌‌ 2nd year BA 3rd year BA


Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development

H.Dip (Standard Stream) H.Dip (Industry Stream)


Master of Science Software Design & Development

1st year


Masters in Information Technology (MIT)



Computer Lab Timetables

IT101 IT102 IT 106 (Managed by ISS) IT304