IT Research Seminar: Time-Aware Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

‌  IT Research Seminar Time-Aware Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) Dr. Marc Weiss Formerly NIST Colorado US Friday 31st October 2014, 1pm-2pm, Room IT207 (IT Building) See Figure 1 From Trillions of Euro in growth are forecast over the next decade as the Internet becomes Industrialized. Companies like GE, AT&T, Cisco, IBM Intel and others are investing in an "Industrial Internet." A Public Working Group with co-chairs from NIST, NUIG, and National Instruments is developing a Framework and Reference Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems: networked systems that sense, compute and control. A new initiative has begun called Time-Aware Applications, Computers and Communications Systems (TAACCS). The U.S. National Science Foundation has funded research on Timing in the IoT called the Roseline Project. With computing and networking optimally developed to disconnect from the physical layer, optimal timing, which comes as a physical signal, is at odds with modern data systems. Yet, improved timing methods will be critical for this massive growth predicted. This seminar discusses the current state-of-the-art in timing systems, and a way forward to further develop Time-Awareness in crucial elements to make timing a first-class citizen in the IoT. Dr. Marc Weiss has worked at NIST (the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology--formerly NBS, the National Bureau of Standards) since 1979, specializing in time transfer techniques. Specific work has included: developing GPS since 1980, Relativity problems applied to clocks, optimal statistics for clocks, creating and leading a workshop on synchronization in telecom, and more recently focusing on sync and control systems in other networks. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematical-Physics from the University of Colorado in 1981.  

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Student Organised Tech Carnival Brings Major Employers to NUI Galway

Student Organised Tech Carnival Brings Major Employers to NUI Galway-image

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Over 800 people recently attended NUI Galway’s ‘Synapse//a Tech Carnival’, a unique one-day free networking and workshop event. Organised by NUI Galway Computer Science and Information Technology students, the event brought major technological companies and employers to campus. Major employers, ranging from Microsoft, LinkedIn and Avaya, demonstrated their latest technologies and explained their ongoing training and employment opportunities. The emphasis was all around having a fun and interesting event for people new to ICT to learn how to engage and become successful in the booming software industry. Speakers and panel discussions offered key insights into the current trends that are being experienced for tech graduates in Ireland. Pictured at ‘Synapse//a Tech Carnival’ were (l-r): Dr Michael G. Madden, Head of Discipline of Information Technology, NUI Galway; Dr Jim Browne, President of NUI Galway; Dorothy Creaven, Co-founder and CEO Element Wave Software Ltd; Enda Dodd, Founder and CEO, Animated Language Learning; Tara Dalrymple, Founder and CEO, Mission Possible; Paul Killoran, Founder and CEO at Ex Ordo; and Catherine Cronin, Academic Coordinator of IT Online programmes, NUI Galway.

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Free Introduction to Computers courses for beginners resume at NUI Galway

Free Introduction to Computers courses for beginners resume at NUI Galway-image

Monday, 6 October 2014

NUI Galway’s free ‘Click and Connect’ computer classes for beginners will resume again on Monday, 13 October. The classes run for two-hours, once a week, over a four week period, providing eight hours of training in total. The introduction to computing classes are aimed at those with little or no computer experience. Core topics covered include an introduction to the internet, online shopping and booking tickets, setting up and managing email, and using computers in conjunction with a digital camera. In addition to the Click and Connect programme, there will be a slightly more advanced Second Steps programme available to new and past learners. This programme is aimed at those whom have some computer experience or previously completed the Click and Connect programme and are seeking more computer knowledge. Second Steps is a follow up to Click and Connect providing more training to broaden learners understanding on topics such as internet, file management, and using tablets as an alternative to computers. As participants generally have little or no computer experience classes are run in a relaxed fun environment. NUI Galway student volunteers will be on hand to provide one-to-one support. Each class is small, with a maximum of twelve people and each learner is given a supporting booklet with instructions so that they can continue to develop their skills at home. All who complete receive a certificate of attendance. The free computer classes have provided training to over 500 people within the local community since they started. The manager of Click and Connect is Pat Byrne, a lecturer in the discipline of Information Technology in NUI Galway. She is delighted with the feedback received from those who have completed the programme. “Many of our learners have been older people who are finding that using the internet is opening up a whole new world to them. They are able to access services easily and use email and Skype to communicate with friends and family both at home and overseas. Our learners are also delighted to be able to compare prices and shop online, and follow their hobbies too. Whether they are looking for a job or searching for a new recipe, access to the internet makes their life so much easier. Everyone can pick up these basic skills and our classes provide a supportive environment in which to do so.” The classes are funded by a small grant from the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, and are offered free to participants. For further information and to book a place on one of the classes, call 0870571967 or 0873823370. -ends-

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NUI Galway Academic Recognised as One of Ireland's Top Women in Technology

NUI Galway Academic Recognised as One of Ireland's Top Women in Technology-image

Monday, 7 July 2014

Catherine Cronin, Academic Co-ordinator of online IT programmes and Lecturer in Information Technology at NUI Galway, has been named as one the top role models of 2014 among women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in Ireland. This was awarded by Silicon Republic, who recently drew up a list of the Top 100 Women in STEM in Ireland, and Catherine was presented with the award for Top Role Model of 2014 in Social Media. The list consisted of world-leading academics to inspiring science communicators, from tech business leaders to early entrepreneurs, in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths. Catherine’s work focuses on online and open education, digital literacies, and social media in education. In addition to her teaching and research, she works with schools and community groups, including Coder Dojo, exploring these areas. She is currently pursuing a PhD in open education and digital identity practices. She holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering, and MA in women's studies, where her dissertation topic was gender and technology. Using the Twitter hashtag #ITwomen, she created several resources including a list of women keynote speakers as a resource for those planning gender-inclusive tech conferences. Speaking at the award ceremony, Catherine said: “As a long-time advocate for girls and women in STEM, it was an honour to receive this award from Silicon Republic. Women continue to represent less than 20% of all physicists, engineers and IT professionals. Encouraging girls and women to consider STEM and providing role models and mentors are just the first steps toward changing this. Our goal must be to create an inclusive STEM culture – beginning with noticing and challenging gender and other stereotypes, and under-representation, wherever we are. Imagine STEM classrooms, labs, workplaces and conferences with a truly diverse range of people and standpoints – all working together to solve problems and to create solutions. That’s my vision of success for the future.” -Ends-

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NUI Galway and SmartBay Funding Success to Examine Galway Bay Marine Environment

NUI Galway and SmartBay Funding Success to Examine Galway Bay Marine Environment-image

Monday, 7 July 2014

Researchers based in NUI Galway have recently been awarded a highly prestigious research funding from the Irish Research Council through the Enterprise Partnership Scheme. In partnership with SmartBay Ireland, an investment of €96,000 has been made which will bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Discipline of Information Technology, NUI Galway and the Department of Chemical Sciences in Dublin City University to develop a number of research streams that utilise the National Marine Test and Demonstration Facility, managed by SmartBay Ireland.  The Primary Investigators from NUI Galway are Dr Enda Howley and Dr Jim Duggan, while Professor Fiona Regan is leading the researchers from DCU. John Breslin and Regina McNulty will lead the research team on behalf of SmartBay Ireland.  NUI Galway researchers will begin development on accurate data visualisations of Galway Bay marine environment that can leverage the existing SmartBay infrastructure and accurate weather data. The outcomes of this research will be of pivotal use to key stakeholders such as members of the public, emergency response agencies, city and marine professionals. At the announcement of the funding Dr Enda Howley commented: “The project is a great vote of confidence by the IRC in the researchers involved in this area. This major investment shows the capacity of NUI Galway to partner on interdisciplinary research projects that have huge potential to impact on people’s daily lives. This particular research project based in NUI Galway aims to develop technologies that can assist all those who are potentially impacted by the marine conditions surrounding our cities. The chilling impact of this could be seen earlier this year in Galway City where extensive damage was inflicted by flood waters at Leisureland in Salthill and businesses at the Spanish Arch. Any technology that can assist us in better understanding the potential impact of coastal marine events can have a major long-term impact.” John Breslin from SmartBay Ireland said: “We were delighted to secure four enterprise-academia research partnerships through the Irish Research Council's, Enterprise Partnership Scheme. SmartBay Ireland will support the successful students in a wide variety of research areas, such as: data visualisation from our sub-sea cabled observatory; flood management analytics; the development of materials to mitigate the effects of marine growth and the detection of harmful algae blooms. All projects will utilise the National Marine Test and Demonstration Facility managed by SmartBay Ireland in Galway Bay.  The SmartBay team will provide data and technical support to ensure the success of these applied projects.” The announcement was made in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland last month by Minister for Research and Innovation Seán Sherlock TD and Dr Eucharia Meehan. Awards to the sum of €5.7m were made by the IRC through the Enterprise Partnership Scheme. -Ends-

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NUI Galway Offers Free Places on Software Development Programme with 90%+ Employment Rate

NUI Galway Offers Free Places on Software Development Programme with 90%+ Employment Rate -image

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

NUI Galway, in collaboration with 16 software industry partners, is offering a limited number of free places on its innovative Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development Programme. Student fees for the course are funded by the Higher Education Authority given the strategic importance of developing skills in this area. Successful applicants therefore, pay no fees, only a student levy of €224. 90% of Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development graduates have secured employment. Many of the graduates are employed with some of Ireland’s leading software companies. NUI Galway has designed this one year conversion programme in conjunction with 16 leading IT employers which enables graduates to reskill for employment in the software development area. The overall goal of this postgraduate conversion programme is to strategically increase the supply of skilled graduates to meet the needs of Ireland’s high-growth software industry. It will provide graduates with a fast track, focused computing qualification, and presents them with an opportunity to obtain valuable industry work experience. The Higher Diploma in Software Design and Development builds on the existing strengths of collaborative academic-industry interaction in the Galway region, and will provide graduates with a solid foundation in key areas of software design, a choice of software architecture specialisations in either .NET or Java Enterprise. The final aspect of the course involves a guaranteed three-month paid internship to gain industry experience, and as a result provides the opportunity to kick-start your career as a software developer. Each student progresses through the course will have their training content determined by their associated industry partner. On completion of the course, these students will have transformed their employability in the current economy, with a range of great options opening up to them for further progression either in industry or via more specialisation through a masters.  The industry partners include Avaya, IBM, Accenture, Cisco, Fidelity Investments, INSIGHT, Storm Technologies, The Marine Institute, Solano Tech Ltd, NetFort Technologies and Schneider Electric. Dr Enda Howley, Course Director, said “This is a fantastic opportunity for highly motivated analytical graduates particularly from engineering and science beckgrounds, to invest just one year of their time in further education, and, through placement experience with our Industry partners; they will have an excellent prospect for recruitment as software developers in Ireland’s high tech ICT sector. This sector is experiencing rapid expansion at the moment, and there is a growing skills shortage for ICT graduate roles that these students are ideally suited to fill.” He added “It is estimated that there will be 900,000 unfilled vacancies in the EU for ICT professionals by 2015. Now is a perfect time for people to reskill for employment in this sector. The economy is full of very talented and enthusiastic engineering or science graduates who unfortunately are finding it difficult to find employment due to a skills mismatch. But these people are ideally suited for a career in the ICT sector, and simply require some targeted training. Take for example, civil engineers. They are known for their great problem solving abilities, and having a can-do attitude. These are often the most sought after, and hard to find skills for software developers.” “The Higher Diploma programme was recently a finalist for two national GradIreland Awards under two categories ‘Best New Course’ and ‘Best IT Programme’, so we are particularly proud of the recognition the programme has been receiving since its launch in 2012”, continued Dr Howley. The programme is open to all those who have a level 8 degree or alternatively those with a level 7 degree and has some relevant industry work experience. The programme is ideal for those from a Science or Engineering background, and relish challenges along the lines of problem solving or project work. NUI Galway is now processing applications and those interested can make their application through, or seek more information via the twitter account @hdipindustry.  Significant interest in this free course is expected and early application is advisable. Deadline for final applications is Friday, 18 July. For further information contact the Programme Director, Dr Enda Howley at -Ends-

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Second Level Students Experience a Day in the Life of an NUI Galway Student

Second Level Students Experience a Day in the Life of an NUI Galway Student -image

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Discipline of Information Technology at NUI Galway recently held a Computer Science and Information Technology Experience Day for second level students. Students were shown the state of the art facilities that are provided in NUI Galway for undergraduate students. Throughout the day the students were introduced to a range of taster events from all aspects of student life in NUI Galway. Guest lectures were followed by practical workshops in the IT Building by NUI Galway lecturers, Dr Enda Howley and Dr Conor Hayes. Students were also treated to a tour of the National Computer and Communications Museum and met many of the researchers from Insight, the Research Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway.  The event was organised by Dr Enda Howley, Dr Conor Hayes and Tina Earls from the Discipline of Information Technology at NUI Galway. Dr Enda Howley said: “We are always delighted to open our doors here in NUI Galway to second level students and help them to make better informed decisions about their second level subjects and ultimately their CAO choices. Each year we enroll about 60 students in our BSc in Computer Science and Information Technology Degree (GY350) and events such as this are always hugely significant towards assisting students make important decisions about their CAO choices. We have the opportunity to inform them about the great opportunies currently available in software development. We were particularly delighted to welcome students that travelled huge distances from the opposite side of the country to attend our very successful Experience Day.” For more information about studying Comuter Science and Information Technology at NUI Galway visit or GY350 on the CAO applications system. -Ends-

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Another successful year for NUI Galway Computing Summer Camp

Another successful year for NUI Galway Computing Summer Camp-image

Monday, 23 June 2014

Pictured at NUI Galway’s recent Computing Summer Camp were (l-r): Rachel Kavanagh, Presentation College Headford, Áine Madden, Coláiste na Coiribe, Serena O’Connell, Dominican College, Taylor's Hill, Emily Macken and Ciara Madden, both of Calasanctius College, Oranmore. Since it was initiated in 2010, over 300 students from across Dublin, Kerry, Donegal, Mayo and Galway have attended the Computing Summer Camp, which is sponsored through a Higher Education Authority (HEA) initiative. Designed and delivered by staff and post-graduate researchers in Information Technology, it introduces computing in a novel, fun and interactive way. The camp students participated in a number of activities including writing computer games, building and programming autonomous robots, and making 3D computer models.  This year, over 40 secondary students attended the 2014 Summer Camp allowing them the opportunity to get sense of the exciting possibilities in computer science and information technology, and an insight into the range of topics that form part of the highly successful BSc in Computer Science and Information Technology.

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