(Structured PhD) Information Technology

College of Engineering & Informatics,
School of Engineering & Informatics

Course overview

The Structured PhD is a 4-year programme which offers added value to the core component of doctoral training. Students on this programme are offered disciplinary or dissertation specific modules, as well as generic and transferable skills designed to meet the needs of an employment market that is wider than academia.

The programme is flexible and student centred, as candidates choose their own pathways in consultation with their Supervisor and Graduate Research Committee.

Programmes available

Structured PhD (full-time, four years)

Areas of interest

Artificial Intelligence
Collaborative Virtual Environments
Computational Intelligence
Computers and Society
Distributed Systems and Cooperative Systems
Energy Informatics and Sensor Networks
Enterprise Computing
Image Processing
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Medical Informatics
Simulation and System Dynamics

Contact Us

Ms. Tina Earls
E tina.earls@nuigalway.ie

PAC code

Structured PhD, full-time—GYJ05

Current project

Handling Nonlinearity and Uncertainty in Drug Delivery Modelling. (Dr. Michael Madden) 

Information Retrieval and Game Theory (Colm O'Riordan) 

Quality of service (QoS) of VoIP over wireless networks based on synchronised time
(Dr. Hugh Melvin)

Fees for this course

EU: €4,529 p.a. 2015/16

Non-EU: €13,750 p.a. 2015/16