Current Students

Aileen KennedyEmail

An IT professional with over 10 years of experience, including working as a software developer in the Financial IT area as well as a Network Support Engineer and Build Configuration and Release Management in the Semiconductor Industry. I have a proven track record of academic excellence with two First Class Honour Degrees, in Computer Science and Physiology. I also have a Diploma in Italian, achieving a B1 level in the Common Europe Framework. I am now undertaking a Masters in Computer Science (Data Analytics).

Andreas PasalimaniotisEmail

Data Science student with history of productivity and successful outcomes in machine learning, data mining and Apache Spark projects. Hold BA in Computer Science (Athens University of Economics and Business) oriented in databases/knowledge management and pursuing MSc in Data Analytics (NUIG). Highly organized and independent, able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity. High-energy, confident, multilingual professional with an infectious enthusiasm for large-scale data technologies. Strong background in data analytics, machine learning, information retrieval and NLP.

Brian CollinsEmail

I’m currently pursuing an MSc in Data Analytics at NUI Galway, after reading a four year honours degree course in Science. My interests are in systems modelling, computational biology, and machine learning. My final project involves predicting the 5-year survival probability of patients with hypertension.

Conor NugentEmail

Conor is a law graduate and technology professional. He has experience working for the big data company, Streamsets, in San Francisco and launching the Californian software start-up, Buildup, into the Irish market. The MSc in Data Science has enabled him to refine his knowledge in advanced mathematics, machine learning algorithms and associated programming languages (R, Python and Java). Conor obtained his L.L.B in 2011, his MSc in International Criminal Law in 2013 and his MSc in Business Information Technology in 2015.

Deepak JanardhananEmail

Deepak Janardhanan began the M.Sc. Data Analytics program after working for 2 years developing Apache Hadoop components, IBM DataStage Enterprise Systems & Android applications. As a Data Science enthusiast, his primary interests & future research areas include applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cognitive Sciences & Natural Language Processing. Using his existing skills in Big Data technologies & skills gained in Apache Spark, R & Python, he is actively working towards his goal of being a significant part of an organization that enthusiastically embraces the advent of Data Science.

Julianne ChalouxEmail

Julianne Chaloux is pursuing an MSc in Computer Science (Data Analytics) at National University of Ireland, Galway. She received her BA in Computational Linguistics from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts after completing a thesis on low-resource language modelling. She is proficient in Python, Java, R, and Go. Julianne has experience working in natural language processing, web mining, and machine translation.

Keith O ConnorEmail

I am currently a student of NUIG’s MSc. Data Analytics. I graduated from the MSc. Software Design & Development (SDD) in 2016. As part of the MSc. SDD I completed a thesis in graph based recommendation. I have a strong understanding of multiple programming languages including Java, R and Python. My main interests in Information Technology lie within the areas of large scale data analytics and machine learning.

Mandar BandodekarEmail

Mandar Bandodekar is an aspiring data scientist who is pursuing Masters in Data Analytics from NUI Galway. He has strong mathematical and analytical skills. He completed his undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunications and his final year project on ‘Computer Aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Detection using Optimized Association Rule Mining' fueled his desire to pursue a career in Data Analytics. He is creative and comes up with simple solutions to complex tasks and is passionate about working in areas of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Mandar has been volunteering for various causes since 2011 and is currently working towards spreading awareness on indigenous breeds of cows of India.

Maria ScanlonEmail

Maria Scanlon is a software development professional with over 20 years industry experience. Her software engineering skills include object-oriented and procedural programming, system design and architecture, distributed systems, and test automation in both agile and plan-driven development environments. A problem-solver, she also has extensive people and team management experience, along with strong project and programme management competencies. Maria is currently undertaking an MSc in Data Analytics in NUIG. The course provides a great insight into topics such as predictive analysis, machine learning and data mining, statistics and probability theory, statistical programming in R and Python, web mining, natural language processing, data munging, data visualisation and communication. The blend of academic theory along with hands-on application of cutting edge tools, techniques and technologies is very conducive to deep learning.

Mateen NisarEmail

Mateen Ahmed is currently pursuing Masters in Data Analytics at National University of Ireland, Galway. He has 4 years of experience in Application design and development working with TATA as a Software Engineer. He posses keen interest in Data Analytics and have the ability to mine hidden gems located within large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Able to leverage a heavy dose of applied statistics to any analytics problem. He would like to be in a position where he could leverage his skill, past experience, learn, contribute and grow along with the organisation.

Niall Mc CarraEmail

I am currently completing this course which offers state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of data science. After completing a degree in mathematical science at NUI Galway, I sought more study in the line of computer science, more specifically data analytics. Throughout this course I am being introduced to the high level tools and techniques used in the data lifecycle and reintroduced to the fundamental mathematics which underlie a lot of data analysis. On completion of this course, I will be moving on to work in industry as a data analyst.

Reem AljuaidiEmail

Currently pursuing Master’s degree in Computer Science (Data Analytic's), at National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). My undergraduate degree is in Computer Sciences and Information System. I have been working at Prince Sattam bin Abdalaziz University for 5 years in Information System Department as an instructor and researcher. I am interested in the topic of Information Retrieval, recommendation systems and database system. I have an experience in some programming (R, Python, C++, SQL and HTML).

Sai NatarajanEmail

Worked as a data analyst in a Swiss based start-up. Implemented full cycle Business Intelligence projects in various industries including healthcare, finance, engineering and education. Proficient in, although not restricted to, Tableau, Microsoft BI stack, R, Python, Java and MATLAB. Has a diverse skillset and background: Industrial automation programmer; Certified Six-Sigma Black Belt; Verbal and employability skills trainer - instructed college undergrads and conducted in-house training workshops for previous employers. Has a flair for finance, having involved in financial statement analysis and accounting as a part of data analysis for clients. An affable extrovert, he is quick to immerse, and seamlessly integrate with any team for the job at hand. Also an avid dancing and badminton enthusiast.

Sameer FirakeEmail

Sameer is currently pursuing MSc in Computer Science (Data Analytics) at National University of Ireland, Galway. He has good sense of programming language such as Java, R, Python & enjoys solving various complex tasks to improve performance. Perfect blend of Analytical skills and Natural Leadership qualities helps to complete work in efficient manner. Apart from academic, He is also active member of NUIG societies.

Tushar GawandeEmail

An aspiring data scientist with four years of experience as a big data, hadoop and java developer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Served as the member of the centre of excellence group for Analytics, Big Data & Information Management (ABIM) at TCS and worked for multiple clients in banking domain. For Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), successfully demonstrated the use of Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Sqoop, Hive, Impala & Informatica's BDE to implement complete, end to end DWBI (Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence) operations & usage of Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) as a centralized & unified source for enterprise data. Also demonstrated improved data storage and processing capabilities for CIBC at reduced cost through use of these tools. For Bank of America (BofA), developed a web application for analysing the quality of enterprise data given a set of Data Quality rules using Apache Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, Sqoop and J2EE. Prior to joining ABIM group, worked as a java developer for Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) bank's retail chain of applications that interact with the bank's Loan Originating System. Passionate and constant learner of technology with strong programming skills, seeking to hone existing big data skills and add new ones to become an accomplished data scientist. Technical background includes but not limited to the following: Java, Scala, R, Python, Apache Spark, Hadoop & Ecosystem, SQL & HQL, Data Mining, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing. Currently pursuing masters in data analytics from National University of Ireland, Galway.

Vytas VaiciulisEmail

Vytas Vaiciulis is pursuing a Master’s in Data Analytics from National University of Ireland, Galway. He previously finished a Bachelor of Science in Software Development from Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. Vytas is interested in emerging trends in analyzing financial data, such as neural networks, and applying his skills to gain insight from high-volume, streaming data. He has a diverse set of skills which includes tools and technologies such as Java, R, Python and Apache Spark.


“I had worked for several years in the technology industry before deciding to start graduate school in the IT Discipline of NUI Galway. My PhD supervisor, Dr Jim Duggan, ensured a structured work environment that lead to my numerous academic publications along the way. My PhD thesis was completed within three and a half years of starting my research thanks to the support and encouragement I received in the IT Discipline. After finishing I worked as a software engineer for HP for a few years. I have spent the last two years working as a senior software engineer for Gracenote in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having a graduate qualification from NUI Galway has helped me greatly in finding interesting employment in the technology sector.”

Declan Mungovan, PhD, Senior Software Engineer, Gracenote, San Francisco.

"My BEng and MSc degrees from the College of Engineering & Informatics were instrumental in building my career in data science. This MSc in Computer Science (Data Analytics) provides both the much needed range of skills and the real-world project experience that I value and hire for in my teams.”

Enda Ridge, PhD, Senior Manager in Professional Services, London, and author of ‘Guerrilla Analytics: Practical Approaches to Working With Data’.

"The mix of technical and soft skills I gained through my Masters studies at NUI Galway is invaluable. I had the chance to work with great people and to apply my work on real world problems. With the data management and analysis skills I gained, I am currently pursuing my research in an international research project with one of the leading IT companies. I will be always thankful for studying at NUI Galway, a great historic place based in a culturally-rich vibrant city with an international mix of young and ambitious students that made me eager to learn and contribute back the moment I graduated."

Goffran Shukair, MSc, Research Engineer at Fujitsu, Ireland

“I really enjoyed the M.Sc. course and I learned a lot especially while working on my thesis with my supervisor. The M.Sc. helped improve my analytical, programming and research skills which has been beneficial in my current role working as a developer in the Cloud Computing group in Fidelity. I would certainly recommend postgraduate studies in IT as it further enhanced my knowledge of the domain and it also gave me an opportunity to research specific areas of interest.”

Karen Rawlinson, Senior Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments

"I completed my Master degree with NUI Galway two years ago. The program blends theory with practical experience and provides a strong focus on research ability. The skills I gained in NUI Galway landed me 5 job offers straight out of school."

Mengjiao Wang, MSc, Researcher at SAP Labs, China

"During my graduate studies at NUI Galway I worked on different aspects of data acquisition and integration, one of the initial steps for the application of Data Analytics.  This is still the main focus of my work today, where we apply several techniques to the data integration problem: from Information Retrieval and Machine Learning to Probability Theory, all of which are covered in the curriculum of the new MSc in Data Analytics.  Obtaining my degree from NUI Galway played a vital role in getting accepted into my current position, and the new MSc is the perfect stepping stone into a PhD or the job market."

Nuno Lopes, PhD, Research Engineer, IBM Research, Dublin

"I came to NUI Galway to work in one of the largest research group on web data management and analysis. I had the unique opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies at very large scale as well as on research projects with international and industrial partners. After finishing my PhD, I launched my own start-up to commercialise research outputs. Overall, NUIG provided an exceptional environment to make my time intellectually very productive and to prepare me with useful technical and communication skills for developing further my career path."

Renaud Delbru, PhD, CTO SindiceTech

"I'm working as a Data Scientist at Xanadu Consultancy in Cork. So far, I've worked on projects that involve the predictive modelling of customer churn and user clustering, both topics of which I had first-hand experience during my Masters studies at NUI Galway. I work on a small team where we mainly work on independent projects but frequently brain-storm together to get started. The research environment offered at NUI Galway prepared me very aptly for this role."

Samantha Lam, MSc, Data Scientist at Xanadu Consultancy, Cork, Ireland

"My research at NUI Galway focussed on analysis of social media data to generate metadata for improved search and browsing of online communications. The techniques that I learned and the problem-solving skills that I developed have been invaluable for my subsequent work as a software engineer at Datahug. I work on our analytics engine which analyses enterprise communications data to provide businesses with improved sales forecasting and relationship intelligence."

Sheila Kinsella, PhD, Senior Software Engineer at DataHug, Dublin, Ireland

"My studies at NUI Galway were a totally transforming experience during which I had the opportunity to learn cutting edge analytics technologies along with the necessary theory; engage with many leading experts from both academia and industry; and most importantly I learned to think and write critically. All of this enabled me to shape my career the way I want: after my studies I joined a major pharmaceutical company as a data scientist. In my new job, many of the skills that I acquired at NUI Galway such as advanced text or network analytics, predictive modelling, or statistics allow me to contribute to what I consider a meaningful mission: to improve health of people or animals."

Václav Belák, PhD, Data Scientist as Merck Pharmaceuticals, Prague, Czech Republic

"I was very fortunate to have a chance to pursue my Master's and PhD studies at NUI Galway. It was an intellectually engaging environment where we carried out cutting edge research in various aspects of computer science. My PhD was on visual text analytics, and this topic spanned research in both data visualisation and text mining. The knowledge that I gained from my studies at NUI Galway has been tremendously helpful for my career when I joined the IBM Cork lab."

Vinhtuan Thai, PhD, Research Engineer, IBM Research, Cork, Ireland

“For my PhD study in NUI Galway, I really learned lots and enjoyed those happy days. With the degree, I was offered a permanent faculty appointment (in Data mining and pattern recognition) in Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT), Guangzhou, PR China. Now I am an associate professor in the School of Automation, GDUT and my research fields are data mining, machine learning and pattern recognition.”

Yan Xing, PhD, Associate Professor, Guangdong University of Technology