Special Entrance Maths Examination For Admission September 2014


The College of Engineering and Informatics at NUI Galway will hold its Special Entrance Examination in Mathematics on Wednesday 20th August 2014. A pass in this examination fulfills the Maths entry requirement for our Engineering and IT programmes. (As an alternative to the leaving certificate Mathematics requirement HC3 for BE programmes or HD3/OB3 for the BSc in Computer Science & IT or Project and Construction Management).

The Maths Exam is made up of two exam papers and each has a two hour duration. Paper 1 is at 10:00 and Paper 2 is at 14:30 (venue: ENG-2001, ENG-2003).

It is recommended that all students sitting the special maths exam, and particularly those who sat the Pass Maths Leaving Cert Exam, familiarise themselves with past exam papers as early as possible, as the layout and content of the papers can differ significantly to those of the leaving certificate.



In advance of the examination, the University will be holding an INTENSIVE PREPARATORY COURSE for applicants intending to sit this examination. The course will run for five days in August. As well as preparing students for the special examination, lecturers will demonstrate the significant relevance of mathematics across the engineering programmes and will highlight the applicability of mathematics to some illustrative engineering examples.

For further information on the preparatory course, please CLICK HERE

Questions and Answers

Is Mathematics Important if I want to be an Engineer?

Engineers solve problems by quantifying and, for this reason, Mathematics is the keystone of the progression. You must be fairly comfortable working with Mathematics.

If you are studying Pass Maths, you can still gain entry by passing the Special Engineering Entrance Examination. The standard of this examination is between the Higher and Lower level leaving certificate Mathematics. The Special Exam is held during the summer months.

What if I studied Pass Maths?

If you studied Pass Maths for the leaving cert you are advised to familiarise yourself with the previous exam papers (link above) and begin revising as soon as possible.