Jerome Henry, final year biomedical engineering student

The Medtronic Prize for the best final year project in Biomedical Engineering in NUI Galway, and second place in the Ryan Hanley Prize for the best final year engineering projects in NUI Galway. Jerome is now a Ph.D. student in this department.

Donal Taylor, M.Eng.Sc. student

Second prize in the Sixth Annual Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium for papers by mechanical engineering postgraduates in the first 18 months of their research. Awarded for the paper "Visualisation and Measurement of flow in a model left ventricle with prosthetic heart valves by stereoscopic particle image velocimetry" by Donal Taylor, Nathan Quinlan and John Eaton. Donal is now carrying out research towards a PhD in the Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College, London.

Sarah Brody, Ph.D. student

Finalist in the Embark / IEI Research Achievement Awards for engineering postgraduates. Sarah is an IRCSET Embark scholar supervised by Prof. Abhay Pandit.