Mark Ward, first year M.Eng.Sc. student

Mark received the award for the best poster presentation at the 8th Annual Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium and Postgraduate Research Workshop, held in Queen's University Belfast on 6-7 April 2005. His poster is entitled "Toughening of epoxy systems for aircraft applications using soluble thermoplastic fibres." Mark Ward is supervised by Dr. Conchúr Ó Brádaigh and Dr. Adrian Murtagh, and supported by the NUI, Galway Postgraduate Fellowship Scheme.

Noel Harrison, third year PhD student

Noel Harrison received the Bronze Medal of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland for the paper "Automated Finite Element Voxel Mesh Generation", co-authored by Dr. Denis O'Mahoney and Prof. Peter McHugh, the supervisor of the research. The research described in the paper enables rapid turnaround of the intensive computing tasks required to study of the behaviour of bone at microscopic level. This award recognises the best research paper presented at at the annual Bioengineering in Ireland Conference. Noel Harrison is an IRCSET Embark scholar.