Design Of Scaffolds For Nanoscale Tissue Engineering



Tissue Engineering endeavours to persuade the body to heal itself through the delivery of supporting structures to the appropriate site independently or in synergy with cells and biomolecules. An understanding of natural micro- and nano-architectures as well as cell behaviour leads to the development of appropriate scaffolds for the next generation of regenerative implants. The focus of this research cluster is the development of bioanalogous biomaterials for regenerative and clinical applications. The development and synthesis of biomaterials is accomplished by creating accurate ex vivo, in vitro and in vivo model systems for specific clinical applications.


Prof. Abhay Pandit, Dr. Krishna Burugapalli, Dr. Gopinath Damodaran, Dr. Gildas Rethore, Dr. Hemant Naik, Dr. Jeffrey C. Y. Chan, Dr. William Tiong


The goal of this project is to synthesize and develop stable extra cellular matrix-based scaffolds that provide a rudiment or a precursor to the body’s regenerative response.

Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) showing valvular interstitial cells grown on a cholecyst-derived extra-cellular matrix (ECM) (Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Brody)

Orientation of neurite growth on a functionalised PLGA (with a designed laminin peptide) scaffold after 3 days culture (Courtesy Dr. Li Yao)

A precursor bone scaffold (collagen-calcium phosphate) with programmed channels (Courtesy: Michael Keeney)

Sample Publications

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O’Halloran DM, Collinghan RJ, Griffin M, Pandit AS (2006) Characterization of a Microbial Transglutaminase Cross-linked Type II Collagen Scaffold,Tissue Engineering 12(6):1467-1474.