Duration: May 2014 to Aug 2015


  • Researcher: Dr Dongfeng Li
  • Supervisors: Prof. Sean. Leen, Prof. Padraic ,O'Donoghue
  • Academic Collaborator(s): Prof. Noel O’Dowd, Director MSSI, University of Limerick; Dr. Richard Barrett, Dr. Noel Harrison, Ming Li
  • Technical Team: Mr Bonaventure Kennedy, Mr Pat Kelly
  • Industrial partners: ESB Energy International
  • Funding source: SFI PI Award (METCAM project)


The objective of the project is to simulate the inelastic and multiscale response of martensitic steels and to examine the micromechanical performance and structural integrity at elevated temperatures. In this project, we focus on the fatigue response of the P91 tempered martensite ferritic steels at elevated temperatures using a multiscale modelling method.  Figure 1 shows the experimental and modelling method for high temperature fatigue response of P91 steel.

This project has ESB international as industrial partner and is in collaboration with University of Limerick and Nottingham University. Two journal publications and three conference presentations have emanated from this project.


Dong-feng Li, Padraic E O’Donoghue, Noel P. O’Dowd, Sean B.Leen “Micromechanical finite element modelling of thermo-mechanical fatigue for P91 steels”, submitted to International Journal of Fatigue

Dong-feng Li, Richard Barrett, Padraic O’Donoghue, Noel O’Dowd; Sean Leen “A multi-scale crystal plasticity model for cyclic plasticity and low-cycle fatigue in P91 steel at elevated temperature”, submitted to International Journal of Plasticity.


Figure 1 Illustration of cyclic experiment and multiscale modelling for fatigue life prediction.