5th Annual Postgraduate Research Day

Apr 28 2015 Posted: 12:06 IST

The 5th Annual Postgraduate Research Day was held on April 21st 2015 in the National University of Ireland Galway, as part of the strategic alliance with the University of Limerick. Over 175 posters were presented, and students delivered talks in plenary and parallel sessions across science, engineering and informatics. 


Two students from Information Technology were amongst the award winners.

Best paper went to Patrick Mannion for his talk “Learning Traffic Signal Control with Advice”

Traffic congestion a complex and challenging problem currently faced by modern cities, which may be alleviated using intelligent switching strategies.  This research uses Reinforcement Learning agents provided with heuristic advice to learn adaptive traffic signal control policies.  Our work found that providing agents with advice increased learning speed, and improved the overall quality of the control policy learned compared to agents learning without advice.

Best thesis in 3 talk (Interdisciplinary) went to Martina Curran, for her talk “An R-Based Framework for Implementing Large-Scale Spatial Models of Infectious Diseases”.

The presentation was about the large-scale, spatial model for measuring the spread of influenza in a variable number of populations, using shape files to easily visualize the spread of infection using maps in the R programming language. 

Discipline of Information Technology