What’s Special about College of Engineering and Informatics

  • Water engineering has been taught at graduate level at NUI Galway for over 40 years. Over 400 senior hydrologists throughout the world received their postgraduate hydrological education here.
  • This MSc in Water Resources Engineering is a relaunch of NUI Galway’s International Postgraduate Hydrology Programme established by the late Prof Eamonn Nash. Many of the staff who lectured on the Hydrology Programme contribute to the current programme; so the recognised tradition of world-class teaching in water engineering at NUI Galway continues.
  • Currently NUI Galway staff are involved in large scale funded research projects in water resources, facilitated by the world-class research facilities at NUI Galway. For example, through the NUI Galway/EPA National Centre for Water and Wastewater Demonstration, NUI Galway has become a centre of excellence in the design of innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies.