Undenominated Engineering offers students the option of studying engineering in a general way for a year before going on to specialise in their chosen field in second year. In first year, students get to explore different areas of engineering, allowing them time to find the discipline that is right for them.

On successful completion of the first year exams, students may apply to transfer to one of the courses listed (i) to (viii) below. Allocation of places may be based on overall performance at the first year exams in Undenominated Engineering and/or CAO points at entry.

The following degree programmes are offered in the College of Engineering and Informatics:

  1. BE in Biomedical Engineering
  2. BE in Civil Engineering
  3. BE in Electronic and Computer Engineering
  4. BE in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  5. BE in Energy Systems Engineering
  6. BE in Mechanical Engineering
  7. BSc in Computer Science & Information Technology
  8. BSc in Project and Construction Management