All Semester 1 Timetables are Provisional and are Subject to Change


Biomedical Engineering

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1st year Biomedical Engineering 1BG
2nd year Biomedical Engineering 2BG

3rd year Biomedical Engineering

4th year Biomedical Engineering 4BG


Civil Engineering | Project & Construction Management

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1st year Civil Engineering 1BE
2nd year Civil Engineering 
3rd year Civil Engineering 
4th year Civil Engineering 


1st year Project & Construction Management 
2nd year Project & Construction Management 
3rd year Project & Construction Management 
4th year Project & Construction Management 


Electrical & Electronic Engineering | Electronic & Computer Engineering

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1st year Electrical & Electronic Engineering 1BLE
2nd year Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2BLE

3rd year Electrical & Electronic Engineering 3BLE

4th year Electrical & Electronic Engineering 4BLE
1st year Electronic & Computer Engineering 1BP
2nd year Electronic & Computer Engineering 2BP

3rd year Electronic & Computer Engineering 3BP

4th year Electronic & Computer Engineering‌ 4BP


Energy Systems Engineering

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1st year Energy Systems Engineering 1BSE
2nd year Energy Systems Engineering 

3rd year Energy Systems Engineering

4th year Energy Systems Engineering 


Mechanical Engineering

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1st year Mechanical Engineering 1BM
2nd year Mechanical Engineering 2BM

3rd year Mechanical Engineering

4th year Mechanical Engineering 4BM


Undenominated Engineering 

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Undenominated Engineering 


Computer Science & Information Technology

Semester 2

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On Placement



BA with IT as a subject

Semester 2

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Lab Timetables

Semester 2

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