"When I came to Galway, I was delighted to find a working group with a wonderful teacher and lovely classmates that gave me excellent training and a new way of interactive and efficient learning in addition to friendship and an unforgettable experience."


"The General English language course at NUI Galway I took in August 2013 was an amazing experience. The proficiency level course was attended by young adults from about five countries. With about 12 participants it was the perfect group – small enough to work effectively on my language skills and big enough to meet new people and make cross cultural experiences. The classrooms were state-of-the-art as was the whole campus. It was easy to find a good cup of coffee and tasty breakfast during the breaks. The teacher was great and knew how to impart the language and who was always up for our questions. I particularly liked the lessons during which we worked on our language skills by talking about Irish history.

My favourite experience was Galway and Ireland itself. The town is an amazing spot with lots of good fun going on. A trad session and a cold cider on a Sunday afternoon was one of the greatest things to do, especially with the new friends I met during the course. This made it easy to practise my English outside of the classroom. The West of Ireland is great for traveling, something I learned during the excursions provided by the programme. The Aran Islands and the Cliffs of Moher are spots I highly recommend to everyone to see at least once in their lives.

I would definitely recommend the course – I did so lots of times since I am back home. The teachers are great, the course was perfectly organised and NUI Galway is a great surrounding for learning English. Like I stated above, Galway and the West of Ireland are amazing destinations. So all in all, the English language courses at NUI Galway offer the opportunity to learn English, make cross cultural experiences and visit some of the most beautiful places in Europe I have seen so far."


"As a winner of Ireland Scholarship 2015, I chose NUI Galway English Language Centre from more than 20 other English schools across Ireland. And now, after spending unforgettable four weeks in the West of Ireland, I have no regrets about the choice.

To begin with, Galway is a scenic city; it combines pastoral rural beauty with state-of-the art facilities. The former is an ideal setting for a metropolitan dweller’s soothing break, while the latter is part and parcel of the cutting-edge educational programmes run by NUI Galway. Being quite moderate in scale, the city can boast a vibrant agenda as a cultural capital of Ireland. Moreover, as far as I know, Galway has just entered a bid for the European Capital of Culture 2020. Having stayed there for a month, I can’t remember being bored or restricted in my options for the night. Local coach tours, dance parties, greyhound races, theatrical productions, sport competitions, pubs with live Irish music – all these events are critical to both your cultural experience and language acquisition.

Another valuable asset of the English Language Centre is the staff. In my case, the admins and teachers did their best to make the course fruitful and enjoyable. As a unit, the English Language Centre is on the main campus of NUI Galway, so its students have the opportunity to use the university’s facilities like the library, brand new sports centre, numerous eateries, etc. For me, living on the campus and mixing with language students from different cultures was the kind of fun I’d been after.

All in all, Galway on the whole and the NUI Galway English Language Centre in particular are great options for both your language studies and holiday pastime."


"I really enjoyed my time in Galway. I learned a lot about Ireland during the lessons at NUI Galway and the teachers worked on improving our grammar also. The people working for the English Language Centre are really nice and very helpful. I could practise my language while exploring Galway and the Aran Islands. Our coordinator helped us with recommendations like where to go in Galway and what to do there. He also spent an evening in a pub with us and showed us Galway during a guided tour at the beginning. I really liked the Irish welcome from the people working at NUI Galway."


"The best part of this course was that it was a big opportunity for us to improve our English. We did listening, speaking, writing and grammar. During class, we usually talked about Ireland's history, culture, language, economy and politics. There were only 6 students in the class so it was a great opportunity for us to speak more. Our teacher always encouraged us to speak in class and outside the class.

We met students from all over the world and had many social excursions, such as River Dance, which were a lot of fun. During these excursions I also learned a lot about different countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany. I recommend you to join them all because it is also a chance to learn more about Ireland's culture and history. You are learning while having fun.

I recommend the course because everybody in the University took care of us really well, we learned many things and it was really helpful to improve my English. Besides the school it was the most enjoyable holiday I’ve ever had!"

My experience in three words: 1. New Culture 2. Friendly People 3. Improvement