Inclusion Training Programmes

Supporting Inclusion at NUI Galway

The Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity provides support for staff networks and various inclusion initiatives to increase the feeling of openess, welcome and inclusion at NUI Galway.  There is also work ongoing to increase representation in leadership, decision-making, awareness raising, supports, and social events.

These programmes are under constant development with new and exciting training opportunities for staff to increase their knowledge and awareness in a variety of equality areas. If you would like to learn more or suggest a possible training programme, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity at

Programmes Available

There are currently a variety of trainings on offer and in development, covering areas including LGBT+, disability, and cultural diversity. These trainings are on offer on select dates each semester.  Please review the Staff Training and Development courses page to see what is currently available.  Contact the OVPED for further information.

LGBT+ Inclusion

Becoming an LGBT+ Ally

Introduction to the NUI Galway Ally programme. This session provides the opportunity for staff members to learn more about LGBT+ concerns and issues, to increase their knowledge of terminology and policy, to give them the information they need to provide links to the correct resources on campus, and feel confident in supporting their colleagues and students as an Ally. Run in conjunction with the Students' Union and Student Society GiGSoc.

Transgender 101

Trans 101 training is a classroom-based session which includes an explanation of the language we use to differentiate between sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, as well as what life is like for a trans person living in Ireland. The first hour focuses on terminology and language. The second hour focuses on the lived experience. The aim of the training is to improve knowledge of the trans community, demystify any misunderstandings, and build empathy.  Currently provided by Transgender Equality Network Ireland.

Disability Awareness

Currently in Development for 2019/20

Intercultural Communication/Competency

Currently in Development for 2019/20