Unconscious Bias

Face-to-face unconscious bias training is scheduled on select dates each semester.

Unconscious Bias training was implemented in NUI Galway as part of a series of recommendations made by the Gender Equality Task Force in 2015. It is University policy that all members of UMT, Academic Management Teams, Heads of School, Chairs of Committees, members of interview and promotion boards/panels, and other senior decision-makers attend annual unconscious bias training.

Programmes Available

The University currently provide two programmes of unconscious bias training. A workshop on unconscious bias is provided on select dates each semester, and an online learning module is available as a refresher to those who have attended the workshop previously.  We do advise that those who fall into the categories outlined above attend the workshop, and then refresh their learning annually via the online module.

Unconscious Bias Workshop

Face-to-face unconscious bias training is scheduled each semester, please review the Staff Training and Development courses page.  The OVPED will work to communicate the dates of these training workshops to all staff as they are made available.

As part of the Unconscious Bias workshop, you may be asked to complete an Implicit Association Test (IAT). These tests are meant simply to raise awareness of unconscious bias, and anyone that may be interested can take a sample IAT test. Participants in these tests may choose to submit some demographic data for the researchers behind this project,  alternatively participants may opt not to share this information by clicking the ‘Decline’ link for each question.

Online Unconscious Bias Training

The online unconscious bias training module is available on the Staff Training and Development site under Learning and Development.  Staff can complete this module at their leisure.