Working Parents Training

Managing Working Parents and Returner's Support Training

The Office of the Vice-President for Equality and Diversity is working to increase the support training available in order to help create a culture that is supportive to working parents, while managing the needs of our core activities.

There are currently two training opportunites available: 'Managing Inclusively' and 'Ramp Up'.  Please review the Staff Training and Development site for current available training. The programmes will be available during select dates each semester, and the OVPED will work to communicate all opportunities to staff when they become available.

Programmes Available

The OVPED is working with the assistance of a Dublin-based organisation called Mumager to provide the following training opportunites.

Managing Inclusively

Line-managers and Supervisors are encouraged to attend the 'Managing Inclusively' programme.

NUI Galway has policies in place regarding flexible working, parental, carer, and maternity/paternity leave – but how are these policies being implemented and managed?  Many potential solutions to help support working parents and those with caring responsiblities relate directly to individual line management.

This training programme will provide management and leadership advice on:

  • How to create a culture that values and supports working parents
  • How to support and manage employees with caring responsibilities
  • How to support and manage transitions from leave back to work
Current Scheduled Dates

Semester 2 2017/18 TBC


Ramp Up (Post-Leave)

The transition back into the working environment after maternity/adoptive leave can come with many challenges. If you are due to return, or have recently returned within 8 months, from maternity/adoptive leave this one-day interactive and practical workshop is aimed at helping you to prepare and supporting you in adjusting back to the workplace.

 During the workshop the following key topics will be covered:

  • Values
  • Setting boundaries
  • Choices
  • Getting over guilt
  • Time management
  • Hit the ground running
  • Resilience
  • Coaching session
Current Scheduled Dates

Semester 2 2017/18 TBC