Quad with Rainbow Flag


The LGBT+ Staff network is open to all staff members who are interested in the LGBT+ community on campus.  The network is working with the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Campus Committee to be a resource for all staff, to review and report on staff concerns and questions, and to help foster continued development and visibility.

If you are interested in becoming a member register now, or contact us at lgbt@nuigalway.ie


The LGBT+ Staff network began development in late 2016 with the support of the Office of the Vice-President for Equality and Diversity.  A number of successful events were held and expressions of interest were sought for development of a network.  The initial interest and support of staff helped to quickly make the emerging network a reality.

A formal strategy meeting to review possible action plans for a network was held on 3 July 2017 and a concrete set of goals was outlined.  A report was compiled and this will form part of the future work of the network.  The aim is also to bring LGBT+ staff together, showing support and providing a voice of leadership on LGBT+ issues at NUI Galway.

The first event launching the network was held on 8 August 2017 during Galway Pride Week 2017, during which President James J. Browne raised the Pride flag at the Quadrangle building on campus - the first time the flag was raised at this location. It was a wonderful show of support from the University, and a notable first acheivement of the LGBT+ Staff Network.

Expressions of interest in leadership of the network were sought after this event and 9 members of staff agreed to take a leading role in the development.  The first steering committee meeting was held on 22 September 2017. Development of Terms of Reference, leadership roles, and future plans are currently underway, with a view to bring before membership soon.

Development is continuing in 2017/18 and future events and plans will be announced.