Courses available

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Visiting Erasmus students may choose courses from those listed in our Visiting Student Academic Information Booklets.  There are two such booklets each year, one showing Full Year and Semester 1 Courses, the other listing Semester 2 Courses.

Students coming to NUI Galway on designated Law Exchanges will also be able to choose courses from the Law School's Visiting Student Guide.  But please note that this only applies to students whose main subject is Law and who have been nominated by our Erasmus partners in this subject area.

You should note that Learning Agreements cannot be approved definitively until the most up-to-date listings are published for a particular year/semester.  Signatures on Learning Agreements before this denote approval in principle only, and the University cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy between previously-signed Learning Agreements and the actual availability of courses when students arrive here in September (or in January, as the case may be).

Please note that some subject areas may have prerequisites, and that Erasmus students who wish to be admitted into courses in Science, Engineering and Medicine will have to send transcripts with their applications: Such applications will be passed to the relevant College (faculty) for approval.

You will not be able to take any courses other than the ones listed in the above-mentioned Booklets, and you should not attempt to make any special arrangements with lecturers in relation to same, because you will be unable to register for other courses, sit exams in them, or gain any formal recognition for them.