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2016/17 Incoming Erasmus Students

Applications have now closed for Semester 2 Erasmus studies at NUI Galway in the academic year 2016/17.

Acceptance e-mails were sent on Tuesday, 22nd November. If you have not received one, please check your spam/junk folder before contacting us.   A further e-mail will be sent to all incoming students in December advising them of procedures for activating their campus accounts,  e-mail accounts, etc.

Orientation programme for students arriving in January 2017

The main Orientation Day will be Thursday, 5th January, with a morning session (starting at 09.30) for all new international students (including Erasmus), and an afternoon session at 14.30 specifically for our new Erasmus students. The venue for both sessions will be the Bailey Allen Hall. Attendance at Orientation is compulsory. Erasmus students will receive their identity cards at the end of the afternoon session. 

On Friday, 6th January, there will be academic advisory sessions in a number of popular subjects.
Full details of all important dates/events for international students are available on our Orientation page.

Choosing your courses/Completing your learning agreement

You can now download the 2016/17 Semester 2 Visiting Student Handbook.   Please keep in mind that Learning Agreements that are signed on the basis of the 2015/16 listings are approved in principle only, because there may be some changes in what's available from one year to the next. In other words, we are never able to guarantee the availability of particular courses until the latest handbook is published.  Be aware also that some courses may have prerequisites, or a limit in terms of the number of students that may enroll for them.

When making your choice of courses, please remember that:

  • you should only select courses (also called "modules") in the subject area that is covered by the bilateral agreement which your university has with NUI Galway, and under which you are coming to study here (e.g. "Arts/Humanities"; "Business Studies"; "Law", "Engineering", etc). For example, if your main area of study is Business or Languages, you will not be permitted to take courses in, for instance, Engineering or Biochemistry.
  • you may only select courses that are listed in the Visiting Student Handbook: other courses that you may find while browsing through our individual College or School websites might not be available to visiting students. (The only exception is for those students coming to NUI Galway under specific exchanges with our School of Law, who may select additional courses from the Law School Visiting Student Guide; these courses are not available to any other Erasmus students.) 

Please make your course choices in consultation with your academic coordinator at your home university. Recognition for courses taken and examinations passed at NUI Galway during your Erasmus visit will be a matter for your home university. 

Course (module) registration will be done online by students themselves, and this usually opens on the first day of teaching.

With regard to the subject ENGLISH, please note that visiting students are only permitted to take one seminar course per semester - you will find a long list of these in the above-mentioned booklets. Lecture courses are listed separately, and you may take as many of these courses as your timetable permits, while noting that some lectures may have overlapping timeslots: if a course involves two lectures per week, for example, you must make sure your timetable allows you to attend both. When completing your learning agreement, please ensure to select no more than one English seminar course. While you will be able to register online for many of the courses you will take at NUI Galway, different procedures may apply in the case of English seminar courses. We will advise you on this at Orientation.

Your Erasmus academic coordinator at NUI Galway

Please note that any questions about course content, credit weightings, timetables, etc cannot be answered by staff of the International Office - it's worth checking the relevant departmental website in the first instance, and if you need to discuss the content of courses in detail, you should contact the relevant academic coordinator at NUI Galway. You may wish to consult the list of Erasmus Academic Coordinators.

Medical Students

Incoming Erasmus Medical students will be required to present certification of Health Screening on arrival at the Medical School and prior to placement at NUI Galway.
They must also provide a Police Clearance Certificate from their country of origin. This is also referred to as Garda Vetting (An Garda Síochána = Ireland's national police service).

Other relevant information

  • English classes for all Erasmus students are available for a five-week period at the beginning of each semester. You will be notified about this at Orientation. 
  • Accommodation: Unfortunately the International Affairs Office is not in a position to help organise your accommodation, but please consult the website of NUI Galway's Accommodation Office for advice:  and see also the accommodation tips we have compiled for you.
  • Other useful links:

Latest News

Semester 2 examination results became available to view online on Wednesday, 22nd June.

To view your results, please click on this link: 
Note that you will need to use your campus account credentials to access your results. 

Semester 1-only Erasmus students: a copy of your transcript was posted on 22nd February to the home address you provided on your application form, and a copy has also been sent to the International Office of your home university. 

Full-year Erasmus students: A copy of your semester 1 transcript was available for you to collect from the NUI Galway International Office from 23rd February. A set of transcripts for each full-year student (i.e. the semester 1 and semester 2 transcripts together) was posted in late June to the International Offices of the relevant partner universities, and semester 2 transcripts were sent to the students' home addresses, along with any uncollected semester 1 transcripts. 

Semester 2 Erasmus students: transcripts were posted to students' home addresses in late June, with a copy also being sent to the students' home universities.

If you failed a module and wish to repeat it, please see the instructions re. rechecks and repeats.