Physics Seminar: Massive Star Formation in the Milky Way

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 13:00:00 GMT - Mon, 10 Dec 2012 14:00:00 GMT, 13:00

At Larmor Lecture Theatre

Organised by School of Physics

New surveys at infrared and radio wavelengths are providing the means to systematically search our Galaxy for new massive stars in the process of forming. Although rare, massive stars have a profound affect on their environment and the evolution of galaxies. The methodologies and
outstanding questions concerning the physical processes in massive star birth will be discussed.


The speaker is Prof. Melvin Hoare. He obtained his PhD in 1988 at UCL and after periods at Oxford and Heidelberg, joined the star formation group at Leeds. He performs multi-wavelength observations of massive star formation, has led various radio surveys of the galactic plane and is on the science working group for the next generation Square
Kilometre Array project.

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