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Networks: Community, Culture and Change - The joint ACSI/BACS Conference 4-7 April 2002 at Queen's University, Belfast - pictures below

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History and Mandate of ACSI

The Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI) was established in May 1982. Its objectives are to support and encourage the study and understanding of Canada - its culture, history and institutions - and to foster and examine the connections and parallels between Canada and Ireland. ACSI strives to initiate and support courses on Canadian topics in universities and third-level colleges, facilitate the exchange of scholars and scholarship between Canada and Ireland, and encourage research and publication on Canada.

ACSI sponsors an international conference every two years. In intervening years the association organizes a colloquium or seminar on a Canadian theme. Originally the efforts of ACSI regarding courses and research focused on history, geography and French literature, and the association has in recent years facilitated new courses and research in music, law, rural development, media studies, social issues, economics and English literature. Courses involving Canada exist in the majority of Irish universities and also in the non-university sector. The papers delivered at conferences have been published in journals specializing in the particular theme discussed, or in special compendiums. Student seminars are a regular feature of ACSI activity.

The presidents of ACSI since its inception have been: Seamus Smyth (1982-85); David Parris (1985-87); Riana O'Dwyer (1987-89); Michel Martiny (1989-91); Pádraig Ó Gormaile (1991-94); James Jackson (1994-96); Maeve Conrick (1996-98); David Parris (1998-2000); and Helen O'Neill (2000-2002). James Jackson is the incoming president.

Executive Committee of ACSI

The current president of the Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland is:

Prof. Helen O'Neill
Centre for Development Studies
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4
tel: [353] (1) 706 7603
fax: [353] (1) 269 1963

The other members of the Executive Committee are:

Helen O'Neill Maeve Conrick Jim Jackson David Parris Seamus Smyth
Helen O'Neill Maeve Conrick Jim Jackson David Parris Seamus Smyth


ACSI/BACS Belfast April 2002 | Innsbruck May 2002 | ICCS Vancouver May 2001 | ACSI Dublin April 2001|
ENCS Maynooth 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2000 | ACSI Dublin May 2000

Eleventh Biennial ACSI Conference - Joint Meeting with BACS - Belfast, 4-7 April 2002

Conference Programme

Some pictures taken at the ACSI/BACS conference by David Parris; click on any picutre to see a larger version:

Delegates at StormontWelcome speechMartin HowardMicheline Labelle
Jean François LiséeWelcome speechBACS awardBill Gusen
Teresa MacNeilHelen O'NeillPeter Frogatt bldg

Conference at the University of Innsbruck, 2-5 May 2002

The Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Innsbruck and the Canadian Centre for Austrian and Central European Studies at the University of Alberta (Edmonton) announce that their first joint conference will be held 2-5 May 2002 at the University of Innsbruck on the subject of Cultural and Knowledge Transfer between Austria and Canada, 1990-2000. The deadline for paper proposals is 15 October 2001; click here to see the call for papers.

Meeting of International Council for Canadian Studies - Vancouver, 27-28 May 2001

The 2001 meeting of the ICCS took place in Vancouver on 27-28 May. It was preceeded by a very informative one-day series of seminars and meetings in the University of British Columbia during which the delegates had familiarisation meetings with academics working on Canadian Studies and were presented with overviews of various departments and centres in the university. Delegates were also taken on a guided tour of the university's splendid Anthropology Museum.

During the day in UBC, ICCS secretary Gerry Turcotte presented a very lively electronic summary - illustrated by a number of photographs - of the activities of each national association during 2000.

Delegates attending the two-day ICCS meeting included the President of ICCS, Karen Gould of the United States, and presidents (or their representatives) of the various associations of Canadian Studies around the world; also members of the ICCS elected executive committee (including the President-elect Serge Jaumain of Belgium; the Treasurer Hilligje van't Land of France; Secretary Gerry Turcotte of Australia; also the acting Executive Secretary, Gaetan Valliere; the incoming Executive Secretary, Catherine Bastedo-Boileau; Academic and Public Relations Officer, Linda Jones; and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Canadian Studies, Robert Schwartzwald. Observers included Alan Bowker, Director, Academic Relations, DFAIT; Jean Labrie, Head of Canadian Studies, Academic Relations, DFAIT; Jack Jedwab, executive Director, Canadian Association for Canadian Studies (ACS/AEC); Howard Pawley, Ontario Representative of ACS/ACE; and respresentives of a number of countries that do not have official associations but where Canadian Studies are active. During the meeting, one of these 'networks', namely the Cuban one, was voted in unanimously as an associate member of ICCS.

Also in attendance were the six project directors of the ICCS Transculturalism research project who made presentations of their individual parts of this huge project which is scheduled to be completed by the 2003 ICCS conference.

The agenda of the meeting was a very full one. It - as well as other details of the meeting - may be seen on the website of ICCS ( The ICCS webmaster made a presentation of the updated website at the meeting promising us that it was now very user-friendly.

ICCS has recently brought out a most informative brochure on the complete range of its academic programs, funding of each, as well as deadlines and conditions for applications. Helen O'Neill, who represented ACSI at the ICCS meeting, has requested 120 copies of this brochure from the secretariat. When they have arrived, they will be sent to the members of the ACSI executive committee in the various Irish universities who will distribute them to exisiting and potential new members of the association. ACSI plans to enrol as many new members as possible before the joint ACSI-BACS conference - to be held in the Queen's University of Belfast - in 2002.

All ACSI members are encouraged to go online and check out the updated website where details of the agenda and the discussions and presentation made at the ICCS meeting can be read. (

ACSI Seminar on Canada and Development: External and Internal Aspects - 21 April 2001

Since 2001 is an 'off year' in terms of a national conference on Canadian Studies, ACSI organised a one-day seminar on Saturday, 21 April 2001. The theme was centred on' Canada and Development' and the papers examined both external and internal aspects of the topic, that is, Canada's relations with the rest of the world and development of Canada's own domestic less-developed regions.

The chief organisers were Professor Helen O'Neill, President of ACSI and Professor Wayne Davies, Visiting Professor of Canadian Studies in University College Dublin. The seminar was held in the Canadian Embassy and ACSI expressed its appreciation to the Ambassor, Mr Ronald Irwin, and to Mr Bill Gusen, First Secretary and Consul and to Ms Maria O'Reilly who kindly provided the facilities of the embassy for the day.

Six papers were presented at the seminar. The presenters and the titles of their papers were as follows:

  1. Professor Helen O'Neill, Director of the Centre for Development Studies in University College Dublin and President of ACSI - Canada's Foreign Aid Programme
  2. Professor Tim Shaw, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia - Canada's Role as Peacekeeper and Peacebuilder
  3. Professor Karla Jessen Williamson, Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary - Development in the Canadian North
  4. Professor Keith Storey, Department of Geography, Memorial University, Newfoundland - Regional Development in Eastern Canada
  5. Professor Wanda Wuttunee, Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba - Sustainable Development and First Nations in Western Canada
  6. Dr Silvana Carr, Vancouver College, Vancouver - Language Rights and Community Interpreting in Canada

Professor Helen O'Neill chaired the morning session and Susan Hodgett of the Centre for Canadian Studies, the Queen's University of Belfast chaired the afternoon session. A lively discussion followed the presentation of each session. The papers will be available later in the year in a publication edited for ACSI by Professor Helen O'Neill.

ENCS at NUI Maynooth, 29 September - 1 October 2000

The European Network for Canadian Studies (ENCS) met at NUI Maynooth from 29 September to 1 October 2000. Click on any of the images below, taken at this conference, to see a larger version of the picture.

Tenth Biennial ACSI Conference - Dublin, 11-13 May 2000

The programme from the Tenth International Biennial Conference, which was held 11-13 May 2000 at the Killiney Court Hotel, Dublin, may be seen by clicking here.


Ireland Newfoundland Partnership Bursaries | Ireland Canada University Foundation Scholarships
Government of Canada Canadian Studies Scholarships

Ireland Newfoundland Partnership: Establishment of Education Bursaries

The Irleand Newfoundland Partnership is established under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ireland and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Partnership is committed to developing cooperation between the signatories in business, industry, education and cultural sectors, primarily in business related ventures.

Please check back in future for information on any bursaries or scholarships to be awarded. Alternatively, you may write directly to:

The Ireland Newfoundland Partnership
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment,
Earlsfort Centre,
Lower Hatch Street,
Dublin 2.

Phone 6312759 or e-mail:

Ireland Canada University Foundation: ICUF Research Scholarships

The Ireland Canada University Foundation, founded in 1994 by Dr. Craig Dobbin of Newfoundland, has a programme to assist Irish scholars in visiting a Canadian university or institution in order to undertake research into a topic related to both countries. Please check back in future for information on any scholarship competitions.

Alternatively, you may write directly to:

Professor John Kelly
Ireland Canada University Foundation
c/o 4th Floor
Canada House
65 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2

Government of Canada Canadian Studies Scholarships

Each year the Government of Canada announces details of two awards open to faculty from universities in Ireland. The awards are administered by the Canadian Embassy in cooperation with ACSI.

Faculty Enrichment Award

A travel bursary to enable full-time academic staff in Irish universities to prepare academic courses with substantial Canadian content.

Objective of the Faculty Enrichment Program. The Faculty Enrichment Program aims to assist academics in Irish Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Higher Education to develop and teach new courses of which at least 50% of the content is devoted to Canadian material. Applicants must confirm that the proposed course will be offered at least three times during the subsequent six academic years.

Purpose of the Award. The award assists academic staff in the gathering of necessary information and material in Canada by contributing towards airfare and providing a weekly flat rate allowance.

Value of Award. The maximum value of any award will be CDN$4,500. This is based on a calculation of a maximum of $1,000 transatlantic airfare and $700 flate rate weekly allowance for a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of five weeks.

Faculty Research Award

Objective of the Faculty Research Program. The Faculty Research Program aims to assist academics in Irish Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Higher Education to undertake short term research about Canada or aspects of Canada's bilateral relations with Ireland. The award assists with direct costs related to the research project and, when a research trip to Canada is warranted, provides assistance towards international airfare and weekly living costs.

Purpose of the Award. The purpose of the award is to increase knowledge and understanding of Canada through publications abroad of pertinent articles in the scholarly press.

Value of Award. The maximum value of any award will be CDN$4,500, however smaller awards may be made.

Application forms and further information will be available from:

Maria O'Reilly
Canadian Embassy
65 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2

Phone: (01) 417 4135
Fax: (01) 417 4101

ACSI Publications

Canada and Development: Some Internal and External Aspects, edited by Helen O'Neill

ACSI is pleased to announce the publication of Canada and Development: Some Internal and External Aspects, edited by Helen O'Neill. This is the third number in the ACSI Occasional Papers Series.

Canada and Development: Some Internal and External Aspects consists of the proceedings of a seminar held at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin on 21 April 2001 under the auspices of ACSI and the Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies at University College Dublin.

The contents of the volume are as follows:

  1. Keith Storey and Neil Smith "Plus ça change? Economic Development in Newfoundland and Labrador since Confederation"
  2. Wanda Wuttunee "Sustainable Development and First Nations in Canada"
  3. Karla Jessen Williamson "Development and Progress in the Arctic"
  4. Helen O'Neill "Canada's Official Aid Programme: An Examination of Some Internal and External Influences"
  5. Silvana E. Carr "Community Interpreting in Canada"
  6. Timothy M. Shaw "Human (In)Security and Canadian Foreign Policy at the Beginning of the New Century: Responses to Conflict in Africa

Copies of the publication, at €15 each, are available from:

Prof. Helen O'Neill
Centre for Development Studies
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4
tel: [353] (1) 706 7603
fax: [353] (1) 269 1963

International Council for Canadian Studies

The Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland is a member association of the International Council for Canadian Studies / Le Conseil international d'études canadiennes (ICCS/CIEC).


Useful Contact Information

The ACSI web page is maintained by Dr. Robin Elliott - please email any comments or suggestions.

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