Accounting Codes

Please click on the links below to see the required accounting codes:

General Ledger Codes - A general ledger is a chronological accounting record used to keep track of financial transactions (purchases, income etc.).  Transactions are categorised and summarised into general ledger account codes which are a unique record for each type of asset, liabiligy, equity, income and expense.  

Product Code - Product Codes are used to categorise purchases by the Universities Procurement Office.  A product code is typically an abbreviation of the category of product or service followed by a three digit number, e.g. TRAVEL101, STAT101 etc.   Each product code is linked to a four digit general ledger code (e.g. Travel 3170) that the Agresso system will automatically assign to the product code you select when completing a Web requisition.

Subaccount Codes - A Subaccount is more commonly known as a Cost Centre, which is generally an organisational unit of the University, such as a School, a College, a Discipline, a Research Account or a Support Unit, to which costs are charged for accounting purposes.