P2P (Purchase-to-Pay)

P2P means having a seamless and paperless automated workflow process for ordering, purchasing, approving, paying, and storing supplier invoices. The University has initiated a project to introduce P2P on a phased basis with its suppliers.

Who can use the service?

The service is available to all NUI Galway employees and postgraduate students with a valid six digit Employee Record (Core) payroll/scholarship ID.   For staff, this ID is available from your NUI Galway online payslip or Staff Card and for Scholarships, the Scholarship ID can be found on the monthly payment advice.

How do I access the service?

Existing Agresso Users
Login to Agresso using your Agresso User Account and Password.  Click on the Invoice/Credit Note Approval task which will appear in the My tasks area (top right hand corner).  See How to Approve doc

New Agresso Users
Log a ticket using the Service Desk Ticketing System under the category:Accounts > Password & Permission > New Account > Financial Management (Agresso).  Under the  Agresso Roles, check the  Travel and Subsistence and P2P checkbox.

Login to the service: Agresso is available online at https://agresso.nuigalway.ie/

  • Username - Your staff/payroll or scholarship number . Note: Your Agresso Username differs from your Campus Account username, remove the leading zero and the letter s -  e.g. 012345
  • Client -  U1
  • Password -   password must be a minimum of 8 characters long and contain the following:
    • One lower case character
    • One upper case character
    • One number '0' - '9'
What is going to change?

P2P bookers and budget holders will no longer need to print invoices for authorisation, or to return to Accounts Payable for processing and payment.   Instead, invoices will be received electronically into Agresso and an email will be automatically sent to the booker and budget holder/nominee(s) with instructions on how to approve them.  Purchase Orders are no longer required for P2P suppliers.  There is no change to the booking process for P2P suppliers other than you must provide a valid six digit id number and cost centre at the time of booking.

Who are the current P2P Suppliers?

Club Travel and the centralised Catering Suppliers.   Further details on the Procurement Website.


Phase 1 was introduced for a single supplier - namely Club Travel in January 2015.  NUI Galway are rolling out P2P for catering suppliers in June 2015. Phase 2 will be rolled out in 2018.

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