Travel and Subsistence

The Travel and Subsistence service is used for the online submission, approval and payment of travel and subsistence expense claims to staff at NUI Galway.

Please note that you have 28 days, from the date your expense claim is approved on-line by your budget holder to get your supporting documentation (e.g. receipts/invoices) to the Payroll & Expenses Office.

After 28 days your claim will be removed from the system

IMPORTANT: To comply with audit requirements, a printout of the claim along with all original receipts must also be posted in an official pre-printed NUI Galway expense claim envelope to the Payroll and Expenses Office NUI Galway.

Who can use the service?

The service is available to all NUI Galway employees and postgraduate students with a valid six digit Employee Record (Core) payroll/scholarship ID number.

  • NUI Galway Staff & Casual Employees:  This six digit ID number is displayed on your Payslip/P60 or Staff Card.
  • Scholarships:  Please obtain your valid six-digit ID number from your academic supervisor/director, who will be able to provide this to you from any of the Agresso “Funder” Expenditure Detail by Category report* in the column headed “Staff/Student”. 

(*Note to academic supervisors/directors: A good example of an Agresso funder expenditure report for research-funder scholarships is Research Expenditure Detail by Category (w). For students funded from recurrent sources (i.e. cost centres beginning with D), a good example of an Agresso report is Scholarship Expenditure Detail (w). The six-digit number required for your scholarship student is found in the Staff/Student column.)

How do I get an Agresso Account?

In order to get an account on Agresso, you must first be set up with access.  You will need to log a ticket using the Service Desk Ticketing System and provide your employee ID. The ticket request type is as follows: Accounts, Passwords & Permissions > New Account > Financial Management (Agresso)

How do I login to Agresso?

Agresso is available online at

At the Agresso login screen enter your UsernameClient and Agresso Password.

  • Username - Your staff/payroll/scholarship number. Note: Your Agresso Username differs from your Campus Account username, remove the leading zero and the letter s -  e.g. 012345
  • Client -  U1
  • Password - Minimum of 8 characters. Mandatory Alphanumeric Password i.e. password must consist of both letters and numbers e.g. A123456Z

Login to Agresso you should see a Time & Expenses link in the bottom left menu.  If you don't see the Time & Expenses link, please log a ticket with the Service Desk Ticketing System under the category:  Accounts > Password & Permission > Permissions > Financial Management (Agresso). Under the  Agresso Roles, check the  Travel and Subsistence checkbox.

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