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On-demand talks

Our lecturers recorded webinars about their postgraduate programmes earlier this year, and these are available to view in your own time, via the links below. Recordings are grouped by College, please follow relevant link/s.

College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies

Course Recording link
Adolescent Health (MSc) Watch here 
Child, Youth & Community (MA) Watch here
Consumer Psychology (MSc) NEW PROGRAMME Watch here
Culture and Colonialism (MA) Watch here
Drama & Theatre Studies
postgraduate programmes
Watch here
English, Writing and Digital Cultures
postgraduate programmes
Watch here
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
postgraduate programmes
Watch here
Geography, Archaeology and Environment
postgraduate programmes
Watch here
History and Philosophy
postgraduate programmes
Watch here
International Contemporary Literatures and Media (MA) Watch here
Psychology postgraduate programmes  Watch here
Public Advocacy and Activism (MA) Download course presentation PDF here
Public Policy (MA) NEW PROGRAMME Watch here

College of Business, Public Policy, & Law

J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics
Course Recording link

Accountancy and Finance
MSc (International Accounting & Analytics)
MSc (Corporate Finance)
Master of Accounting

Watch here

MEconSc (International Finance)
MSc (Global and Environmental Economics)
MSc (Ageing and Public Policy)
MSc (Health Economics)

Watch here 

MSc (Marketing Management)
MSc (International Marketing & Entrepreneurship)
MSc (Digital Marketing)
MSc (Marketing Practice)

Watch here 

Business Information Systems
MSc (Information Systems Management)
MSc (Business Analytics)

Watch here 

MSc (International Management)
MSc (Human Resource Management)
MSc (Strategy, Innovation & People Management)

Watch here

Conversion Programmes
Higher Diploma (Business Studies)
Higher Diploma (Business Information Systems)
Higher Diploma (Financial Analysis)
Postgraduate Diploma (Digital Transformation)
Higher Diploma in Economic Science

Watch here 
Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Watch here
School of Law
Course Recording link
International and Comparative Business Law (LLM) Watch here
International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy (LLM) Watch here
International Criminal Law (LLM)   Watch here
International Human Rights (LLM) Watch here
International Migration and Refugee Law and Policy (LLM) Watch here
LLB (Bachelor of Laws) Watch here
LLM (General) Watch here
Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict (LLM) Watch here
Shannon College of Hotel Management 
Course Recording link
Business & Hospitality (MSc) Watch here

College of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences

Course Recording link
Applied Multilingualism (MSc) Watch here
Childhood Speech, Language and Communication Needs (MSc) Watch here
Clinical Research (MSc) Watch here
Exercise Physiology and its Application in Therapy (MSc) Watch here
Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation (MSc) Watch here

College of Science and Engineering

Course Recording link
AgInnovation (MSc) Watch here
AgriBiosciences (Structured MSc) Watch here
AgriFood Sustainability & Technology (MSc) Watch here 
Applied Mathematics (HDipAppSc) Watch here 
Astronomical Instrumentation and Technology (MSc) Watch here 
Biodiversity & Land Use Planning (MSc) Watch here 
Biomedical Engineering (ME) Watch here
Biomedical Engineering (MSc) Watch here
Biotechnology (MSc) Watch here
Cancer (Structured MSc)  Watch here
Chemistry (Structured MSc)  Watch here
Civil Engineering (ME) Watch here
Computational Genomics (MSc) Watch here
Computer Science—Artificial Intelligence, online, part-time (MSc)  Watch here
Computer Science—Artificial Intelligence (MSc)   Watch here
Computer Science—Data Analytics (MSc)  Watch here
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ME) Watch here
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ME) Watch here
Energy Systems Engineering (ME) Watch here
Enterprise Systems (MApplSc)  Watch here
Environmental Leadership (MSc)  Watch here
Key Enabling Technologies (Structured MSc) Watch here
Mathematics (MSc) Watch here
Mechanical Engineering (ME) Watch here
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)  Watch here
Neuropharmacology (MSc) Watch here
Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety (HDip)  Watch here
Occupational Health and Safety Top-Up (MSc) Watch here
Software Design and Development—Industry Stream (HDip)  Watch here 
Software Design and Development—External Stream (MSc, HDip) Watch here 
Software Engineering (Dip)  Watch here 
Software Engineering and Database Technologies (MSc)    Watch here  
Sustainable Environments (MSc) Watch here 
Sustainable Resource Management: Policy & Practice (MSc)  Watch here 
Toxicology (MSc) Watch here