Aetiology and Prevention

-     Mechanisms underpinning diabetic neuropathy and impact of diabetes on brain function.

-     The role of Inflammation in GDM

-     Type I Diabetes, Islet transplantation, Immunomodulation, Gene and Cell Therapy, Mesenchymal Stem Cells

-     Community screening for high risk of diabetes.

-     Cytokine induced beta cell stress and death

-     Glucolipotoxicity induced beta cell stress and death

-     Study of the cell biological role of basement membrane and extracellular matrix components in vivo. This includes cell-matrix interactions and Rho mediated signalling. Major focus is currently on skin.

-     Glycoscience. In situ detection of carbohydrate moieties as a useful tool for exploring functional changes in the tissue related to a number of processes such as development or malignant transformation.

-     Development. Cell biological aspects of normal and pathological development.

-     Clinical Anatomy: provide gross anatomical expertise to the solution of clinical problems and in particular in relation to the development of therapeutic devices for neuromuscular stimulations.

Current and Future Clinical Management



Population and Health Services Research

-     Population health research and evaluation of health promotion, mental health and social wellbeing interventions in schools, community, and health service settings

-     Research supporting evidence-based practice and policy in health promotion 

-     Capacity building and health promotion competencies- European and global projects.

-     Prevention strategies for Type 2 Diabetes following GDM

-     Cost effectiveness of a National Screening programme for GDM

-     Screening strategies for GDM

-     RCT of metformin versus insulin in treatment of GDM

-     RCT of metformin versus life style intervention in Type 2 prevention following GDM

-     Chronic disease management, the impact of a structured pulmonary rehabilitation for people with COPD in the community, the impact of a structured education reminiscence programme on quality of life of people with dementia, quality of life of older people, perceptions of the impact of the DAFNE programme on self-management skills

-     Applying the methods of health technology assessment and health econometrics to explore clinical and economic questions in diabetes.

-     Chronic Disease and self management

-     Quality of life for Older People

-     Health Promotion

-     Structured Education programmes