The Athena SWAN charter goes beyond the Institutional level, and Schools within NUI Galway are currently reviewing and preparing their own applications.

The College of Engineering and Informatics was the first school in NUI Galway to apply for departmental accreditation in April 2017.  The School of Medicine applied for and achieved departmental accreditation in April 2018, becoming the first School of Medicine to achieve the Athena SWAN Bronze award across the 7 Irish universities. 

If your School is interested in starting the Athena SWAN process, visit the Athena SWAN Resources page to learn more.

Athena SWAN Award Holders

NUI Galway Bronze April 2018 NUI Galway Athena SWAN Bronze Application Nov 2017
NUI Galway, School of Medicine Bronze April 2018 School of Medicine Athena SWAN Bronze application Nov 2017

Athena SWAN Submissions

NUI Galway, College of Engineering and Informatics Bronze Last applied in Nov 2017
NUI Galway, School of Physics Silver In Development
NUI Galway, School of Business & Economics Bronze In Development