Researcher   Funding body Programme Year of study Project title
Student TBC Teagasc PhD 1 Heavy soils programme - Phase II
Valeria Arenas Montaño H2020-MSCA-ITN PhD 3 Mitigation of soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture - ITN Project 2
Tom Forkan    NUIG PhD 5 Assessment of the soil water characteristic curve for water movement through soil (primary supervisor: Dr Bryan McCabe)
Ian Byrne Teagasc PhD 2 Assessment of materials used in land drainage systems
Ian Kavanagh    Teagasc    PhD 4 Measurement and abatement of ammonia emissions from agriculture   
Stephen Monteverde      H2020 - WaterJPI    PhD 2 Water Management for sustainable use and protection of peatlands
Ahmed Mohamed     Teagasc    PhD    2 Optimising dairy farmyard infrastructure for the treatment of dairy soiled water
Wenxuan Shi  H2020-MSCA-ITN    PhD    1 Phosphorus recovery for fertilizers from dairy processing waste
Dr John McGinley    EPA    PhD    1 Pesticide managment for better water quality   
Jennifer Harmon O'Driscoll    EPA    PhD    1 Modelling of human health impacts arising from the use of pesticides
Dr Alma Siggins    EPA Post-Doc   Pesticide management for better water quality
Laura Stenson    Enterprise Ireland    Research Assistant   Chemically modified water treatment residuals for the treatment of surface and groundwtaer