Golnaz Asghari-Ezzati (PhD Thesis) Sustainable treatment technologies using mixed waste media to mitigate agricultural contaminants in land drainage.


Patricia Cusack (PhD Thesis) An investigation into the general characterisation of bauxite residue and its potential use as a low-cost adsorbent for the removal and re-use of phosphorus from wastewater.

Jose Gonzalez (PhD Thesis) Phosphorus and organic soils under grassland production - assessment of phosphorus losses for a more sustainable agriculture.


Collette Mulkeen (PhD Thesis) Biodiversity richness, water quality management and flood attenuation in natural and constructed wetlands.


John Murnane (PhD Thesis) Use of chemical amendments and zeolite to mitigate surface and subsurface contaminants arising from agriculture. Murnane PhD thesis

Oisin Callery (PhD Thesis) Predicting the long-term performance of phosphorus sorbing materials using small-scale adsorption column experiments. Oisin_thesis

Sara E. Vero (PhD Thesis) A toolkit for assessing unsaturated soil time lag with respect to Water Framework Directive guidelines. Vero_thesis

Maebh A. Grace (PhD Thesis) Development of filtration technologies for effective, cost-efficient and robust water treatment.  Grace_Thesis

Dara Petyon (MEngSc Thesis) Nutrient, metal and microbial losses in runoff following treated sludge application to an Irish grassland soil. D. Peyton thesis 


Cornelius O’ Flynn (PhD Thesis) Chemical amendment of pig slurry for the control of phosphorus in runoff from grasslands. PDF here

Joseph Lucid (MEngSc Thesis) Determination of the nutrients and metals in runoff from grassland treated with biosolids and meat and bone meal.  


Zaki-ul-Zaman Asam (PhD Thesis) Cycling and transport of phosphorus and nitrogen from harvested peatland forests and possible mitigation methods.

Joanne Finnegan (PhD Thesis) Assessment of the impacts of forestry on peatlands on the environment. PDF here

Shane Troy (PhD Thesis) Treatment options for the separated solid fraction of pig manure.PDF here

Connie O’ Driscoll (PhD Thesis) Assessment and mitigation of forest clearfelling impacts on salmonid receiving waters.

John Regan (PhD Thesis) The erodibility and phosphorus loss potential of a selection of Irish tillage soils.PDF here  


Raymond Brennan (PhD Thesis) Chemical amendment of dairy cattle slurry for the control of phosphorus in runoff from grassland. PDF here

Ana Serrenho (MEngSc Thesis) Novel agri-engineering solutions for amelioration of surface and ground water at critical source areas.


Eimear Ruane (PhD Thesis) Treatment of dairy soiled water using an aerobic woodchip filter and a sand filter. E. Ruane thesis

Owen Fenton (PhD Thesis) Mitigation techniques for the treatment of nutrient losses from agricultural systems in Ireland. PDF here

Jianping Li (PhD Thesis) Nutrient removal from slaughterhouse wastewater and oxygen-limited partial nitrification process in sequencing batch reactors. JP Li thesis

Paul Burke (MEngSc Thesis) Treatment of secondary domestic effluents in filters