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Kate Gleeson

Visiting scholar (February 2017)

Dr Kate Gleeson is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Macquarie Law School, Sydney, Australia. She is an interdisciplinary scholar with research interests concerning the regulation of sex, sexualities, bodies and reproduction in law and modern liberal governance. Kate is currently visiting the National University of Ireland Galway, working on a long-term project examining the role of colonisation, nation-building and sexual citizenship in the different legal and political outcomes for survivors of historical child sexual abuse in Australia and Ireland.

Rosaleen McDonagh

Visiting scholar practitioner (November 2015)

Rosaleen McDonagh is a writer, playwright and leading feminist in the Traveller community who has been involved in many initiatives on Traveller women’s issues.  She is currently a doctoral candidate at NorthumbriaUniversity, reading for a PhD titled "An Exploration of the Relevance of the Affirmative Model in Relation to Traveller Identity."  Rosaleen earned a BA degree in Theology at Trinity College Dublin, followed by an M.Phil in Ethnic and Racial Studies.  Before embarking on PhD research, she worked in Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre for ten years, managing the Violence against Women programme.  

Vanesa Camacho

Global Women’s Studies and Gender Arc Visiting Researcher (2015-16)

Vanesa Camacho is a Language Assistant in Spanish at the University of Limerick and a visiting researcher associate with the Centre for Global Women’s Studies at NUI Galway for the 2015-2016 academic year. Her research interests include post-feminist and queer theory and Beatriz Preciado´s political theory of the body. She is currently working on her PhD, supervised by Dr. Pilar Cuder-Domínguez of Huelva University

Mayesha Alam

Joint Global Women’s Studies & Moore Institutes Visiting Scholar (June-July 2014)

Mayesha Alam is Assistant Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and Security Washington, DC, and in this role, manages the Institute's various projects. Mayesha co-teaches a graduate seminar on Women, Peace and Security with Ambassador Melanne Verveer in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. She is the author of Women and Transitional Justice: Progress and Persistent Challenges (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).

 Caroline Bettinger-Lopez

Visiting scholar (May 2013)

Caroline Bettinger-López is an Associate Professor of Clinical Legal Education and Director of the Human Rights Clinic at the School of Law, University of Miami. Her scholarship, advocacy, and teaching focus on international human rights law and advocacy including the implementation of human rights norms at the domestic level. Her main regional focus is the US and Latin America, and her principal areas of interest include violence against women, gender and race discrimination, immigrants' rights, and clinical legal education.

Odette Clarke

Global Women’s Studies and Gender Arc Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher (2011-2012)

Odette Clark’s primary research areas include a gender in nineteenth-century Britain and Ireland, gender and emotional management in history and feminist pedagogy. She holds PhD in History from the University of Limerick, as well as a Diploma in Adult Education and a MA in Women’s Studies (also from the University of Limerick).

 Rachel Pokora

Visiting Scholar (2010-2011)

Rachel Pokora is a Professor of Communications and Gender Studies at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She holds a PhD in Communications from Purdue University.  Her research areas include: organizational communication, focusing on gender, culture, dialogue, religion, power and authority. While in Galway, Rachel completed work on her book, Crisis of Catholic Authority: Faith and Power in the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, which addresses power, authority and structure in the Roman Catholic Church.