Key Updates for Guidelines July 2019

New section 9:  ‘Conflict of Interest in the appointment of External Examiners for Research Degree Theses’

5.2 Responsibilities

 5.8.5 Leave of Absence Medical (illness, disability, maternity leave etc)

Add in The ‘Policy on Supports for Students Experiencing Pregnancy, Maternity and Paternity’, and Policies for Students is available at http://www.nuigalway.ie/student-services/policies/

5.10 Feedback

Add in You will find feedback from the NUI Galway 'ISSE PGR' national student survey and details of the NUI Galway ‘Action Plan’ via the weblink;

6.2.4 Third-Party Copyright Updated last paragraph
Some frequently asked question and sample permission request letters are available at https://libguides.library.nuigalway.ie/openaccesspublishing/howtosubmitthesistoARAN

6.2.5 Upload Procedure Updated last paragraph
See also https://libguides.library.nuigalway.ie/openaccesspublishing/howtosubmitthesistoARAN

6.3.2 Approval of Examiners - External Examiner

Add in Please see section 9 for further guidance on Conflicts of Interest.

7.2.2   Article-based MD Updated
"The MD thesis may be presented for examination in either monograph style or article based format. The article-based MD is available to students on full or part time, structured and non-structured MD programmes within the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

8.3 Arrangements for the Examination Updated
The smooth operation of the examination process depends on all concerned understanding their roles, and on defined procedures. The supervisor is responsible for the organisation of the examination and the provision of advice to the examiners.

Add in The primary supervisor submits an online ‘Approval of Examiners’ request (Appendix 2)

8.3.1 Role of the Examiners
Add in Please see section 9 for further guidance on Conflicts of Interest. 

8.5 Examination Report Updated
“….Where the Examiners are in agreement, they submit a joint report with a recommendation for award or otherwise of the degree on the online system
The report shall be submitted online by the internal examiner to the Examinations Office….”

Removed links to forms EOG053 and EOG 040