Postgraduate Research Students, NUI Galway

National Student Survey

School of Nursing and Midwifery

2020 Action Plan







Research Infrastructure and Facilities

Current facilities meet our student needs. If numbers increase we will seek additional space through buildings office as no further space is available within the school. Our students do not require lab spaces


*In Progress



All new supervisors to complete research supervision training

Individual supervisors and HoS

*In Progress


Research Culture

We will seek the views of students to establish a student researcher forum. If agreed, students will decide on format and frequency of meetings.

With agreement of their supervisor, all PhD students to present at least once during their studies at CMNHS research day.

All supervisors to encourage students to complete annual National Student survey.

One PhD student currently sits on the School Research Committee

Research Committee and PIs

*Not Started


Progress and Assessment

Generate annual report on numbers of students, year of studies and status of progression.

Research Committee

*In Progress



Development Opportunities 

The Research committee will liaise with the student researcher forum to identify development needs from within the group.

Research Committee

*Not Started


Research Skills

Individual research skills are agreed between the student and their supervisor

Supervisors and PIs

*In Progress




Personal Outlook






Other Transferable Skills

Students are supported and encouraged to present their work and where appropriate to publish.

Students are supported and encouraged to attend multiple webinars and other training events within the school and beyond throughout their studies.

Students are supported and encouraged via their PIs to collaborate with other groups and seek opportunities for collaboration.

Supervisors and PIs

*In Progress


Responsibilities and Supports

Each student is supported by a Graduate Research Committee and in most cases by a primary and secondary supervisor.

The Primary supervisor is responsible for complying with the standards and requirements of the university in relation to research degrees


*In Progress


Overall Experience

Encourage all research students to complete the National Student Survey in order to monitor feedback and experience.


*In Progress

*Not Started

*In Progress