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News from our Colleges and Courses:

School of Law

School of Law have relaunched their two degrees and are launching a new degree in Law and Human Rights. See table below of the full course offering from the School of Law in 2019.

Course code

TitleDurationFurther Details


(formerly Civil Law)

4 years

(formerly 3 years)

Course Page

Law and Business

(formerly Corporate Law)

4 years

(formerly 3 years)

Course Page


Law and Human Rights

(new course)

4 years

Course Page

The new programme, GY252, Law and Human Rights, is an innovative and unique programme and the first of its kind in Ireland. Upon graduation, students will be well positioned for work in international human rights law, policy or legal practice. Building on the Irish Centre for Human Rights’ global reputation, students can pursue opportunities with international organisations, United Nations (UN) bodies or development agencies. Career opportunities, both national and international, can also be sought in areas such as UN peace operations, international justice sector reform, human rights advocacy, and public policy. Students can pursue professional legal training as a solicitor (with the Law Society of Ireland) or as a barrister (with the King’s Inns).


College of Arts, Social Science and Celtic Studies

College of Arts, Social Science and Celtic Studies has launched three new degrees for 2019; 

Course code

TitleDurationFurther Details

BA Education (Computer Science and Mathematical Studies)

4 years

Course Page

BA (Government, Politics, Economics and Law)

(replacing BA Public and Social Policy)

4 years

Course Page


BA (History and Globalisation Studies))

4 years

Course Page

The BA Education (Computer Science, and Mathematical Studies) allows students to combine the study of mathematics with computer science. It is a four year concurrent initial teacher education programme and includes a number of school based teaching practice placement opportunities throughout the course and at the end of the course graduates will be eligible to teach computer science and mathematics.

The BA (History and Globalisation Studies) examines the forces that shaped our globalised world. Students combine a major in History with a choice of inter-disciplinary courses in related themes. Students will develop the critical faculties necessary to understand the processes of global integration and prepare for careers in business, diplomacy, education, the non-governmental sector, public service, the heritage industries and publishing.

The BA (Government, Politics, Economics and Law) is aimed at students interested in how government works and how public policy can be improved and in understanding how politics, economics and law combine to produce public and social policy. The degree combines three core disciplines to give graduates unique knowledge and background to develop careers in both the private and public sectors.

Bachelor of Arts with Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts with Journalism is currently being reviewed and it is likely the changes planned for the curriculum will be rolled out in September 2019. The updated curriculum will be available on the course page in the coming months and will be circulated on the NUI Galway CAO Alert List.

Entry Requirements

There were two entry requirement changes circulated in the 2018 NUI Galway CAO Alert List:

 Course code Title  Changes
 GY350  GY350 BSc Computer Science and Information Technology  The Laboratory Science subject is no longer a requirement.
 GY410  GY410 BSc Project and Construction Management  Mathematics requirement is now H7 / O3


 News from our Campus:

Opening of Gold Crest Campus Village

Gold Crest  Image

In September 2018, the first residents of NUI Galway’s newest campus accommodation complex moved into ‘Goldcrest Village’, named after the smallest bird in Ireland (the Goldcrest) which can be spotted flitting around our beautiful, parkland campus!

The state-of-the-art, 429-bed residence located on the University campus, beside our existing, 764-bed residence, Corrib Village, and is comprised of 76 apartments. Each apartment contains 4, 5 or 6 en suite bedrooms and a kitchen/living area. For further details, please visit the Goldcrest website.


Launch of New Human Biology Building

In July 2018, NUI Galway officially launched a new €34 million human biology building. The facility will be used to teach and train medical students, as well as for research into a whole range of health issues. The five-storey facility brings the disciplines of Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the university under the one roof for the first time. It will be the main location for undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching, while science, biomedical science and engineering students will also learn there. If you have students interested in any of these subject areas, they should visit the Human Biology Building during the upcoming Open Days and see for themselves the cutting edge facilities and learning environment.

New €34m human biology building opened at NUI Galway

Minister for Health, Mr Simon Harris TD officially opens NUI Galway’s €34 million Human Biology Building.



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