How to Pay Your Tuition Fee

Congratulations on being accepted to NUI Galway! 

NUI Galway give you the option of paying your tuition fees in instalments.

In compliance with University Policy and immigration control, international student fees may be paid in full prior to Registration* or 50% of fees may be paid before Registration* and the balance paid in full before January 31st 2022.  

*Depending on Visa requirements, students may need to pay €6,000 or 50% as part of the Visa approval/application and therefore should look to have this instalment paid as soon as possible in advance of the semester commencing. International undergraduate medical students must pay their fees in accordance with the condition pertaining to their route of entry.

Students who have successfully applied for a course / programme at NUI Galway will have been allocated a pre-registration 8 digit student ID number which should be quoted on all fee transactions and correspondence.

Four methods of payment for tuition fees:

(1)   Pay your fees online here.  

(2)   Payment via recognised agent TransferMate:  Non-European Union (EU) students are strongly advised to pay their tuition fee through TransferMate.   The TransferMate receipt is accepted as proof of payment of tuition fees by the Irish National Immigration Service (INIS) for study visa applications and at the point of entry to Ireland.   With TransferMate there is no international bank transfer fee and the entire transaction takes just 48 hours from start to finish. TransferMate is also recommended by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service for the purposes of study visa applications.

(3)     International Wire Transfer:  Alternatively, you may also pay by international wire transfer, using the following  bank account details:
Name of Bank:  Bank of Ireland
Bank Address:  43 Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland
Account Number: 28454143
IBAN:  IE 43 BOFI 9038 1628 4541 43
Sort Code: 90 38 16
Swift Code: BofIIE2D
If paying by international wire transfer please ensure you quote your eight digit student ID / CAO / Postgraduate Application number.

(4) Bank Giro:   International students that are resident in Ireland can request a unique bank giro here for payment at any bank in the Republic of Ireland.  This will be posted to your Irish address and you can then take the giro to the nearest bank, within the Republic of Ireland, and pay ’over the counter’.  Your details on the personalised bank giro will facilitate the credit of your payment to your fee account when returned by the bank to the University.  Please use your CAO / Postgraduate Application 8 digit student ID number in all transactions.

Deposit Policy for International Students

Accepted students are normally required to pay a deposit at the time of receiving an offer of admission to NUI Galway.  We require a deposit payment of €500/€1,000 to secure your place on your chosen programme.   Please refer to your acceptance letter for details of the amount due and the payment deadline. The deposit is deducted from your course fees at registration stage, so the amount paid is in effect a partial-payment of your course fees.

Please note that deposit payments are generally non-refundable. Deposits may however be refunded in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the University where, for example, a student does not meet the condition(s) pertaining to their offer or where a student is refused a study visa to travel to Ireland.


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