What is the ESS Manager Dashboard?

The ESS Manager Dashboard is a CoreHR online portal, made available via the Employee Self Service (ESS). It gives managers access to employee information and enables them to manage certain HR functions online. Features include:

  • My Team profiles, including contact details, training record and job specifications for your team

  • Organisation Chart builder

  • CoreTime approval

  • Real-time, accurate and relevant HR information

  • User-friendly interface, with dashboard and widgets (similar to ESS Employee Dashboard)

Who can use the ESS Manager Dashboard?

The ESS Manager Dashboard will be rolled out to NUI Galway managers on a phased basis, starting in May 2017. Managers will be notified by email.

What features are included in the ESS Manager Dashboard?

The ESS Manager Dashboard enables managers to carry out a number of HR functions for their team online. A manager sees only the employees under his/her charge. Features include CoreTime Supervisor Approval, My Team profiles and an Organisation Chart. 

How do I access this service?

You can access Manager Self-Service(MSS)/Management Dashboard using the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

To access the ESS Manager Dashboard you must login to the Employee Self Service (ESS) online at http://ess.nuigalway.ie or https://my.corehr.com/pls/coreportal_nuigp/

Login using your Campus Account credentials, Click Sign In

Go to the tool bar along the top of the page and click on DASHBOARDS.
From the drop down menu, select Manager Dashboard.


If you have any issues with your Campus Account credentials please contact the Library & IT Service Desk

I have logged into ESS but I can’t find the Manager Dashboard?

The ESS Manager Dashboard is only available to staff in Line Manager roles. If you are a Line Manager and do not have access to the Manager Dashboard, it may not be rolled out to your Unit yet.

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