If you wish to create a new position, or backfill a position which has recently become vacant, there are a number of steps you must complete prior to commencing the recruitment process. The information below outlines the process involved and links to the guidelines, forms and policies you may need to complete prior to commencing the process.  

Academic Posts

An academic position is created following acceptance by the Governing Authority of a recommendation from the Academic Planning and Resource Committee (APRC) to fill a vacancy or a new post. The Registrar & Deputy President’s Office will inform the Human Resources Office of the post to be filled. Please contact the Registrars Office for further details.

Support Posts

Support positions include administrative, library, general operatives and maintenance staff. These posts are approved through the Central Support Services Planning Group for posts in central services and Academic Planning and Resources Committee for posts in Academic Support Services. Please contact Anne Whelan, Programme Manager Office of Chief Operating Officer (anne.whelan@nuigalway.ie)  (Central Support Services Planning Group) or the Registrars Office (ASSPG) for further details.

All new administrative positions must be graded through the Universitys grading commitee prior to submission to CSSPG and APRC committees for approval. Please contact Anne Whelan, Programme Manager Office of Chief Operating Officer for further details and a schedule of upcoming grading committee meetings.

Research Posts

A Post Proposal Form must be completed by the School, and should be signed off by Research Accounts Office to confirm budget etc.

The Post Proposal Form should then be forwarded to HR Officer – Research, who will establish the post on CORE HR and commence the appointment process as appropriate.

Academic and Academic Support Positions

The process for research recruitment is detailed in a different section. The process outlined below should be followed for all:

  • New Posts 
  • Replacement Posts
  • Temporary Posts

Once a post has been established, the HR Business Partner and Post Owner will discuss the following:

  • Outline of the recruitment or redeployment process (Recruitment Timeline)
  • Time line for filling the vacancy  
  • Websites/publications to be used
  • Composition and approval process of Board of Assessors
  • Job description
  • Paperwork required 

A Post Owner must complete a Post Proposal Form  (if post is funded), Recruitment Initialising Form, Job Advertisement, Job Description/Employee Spec and return to HR Office before the recruitment competition is progressed.   Please ensure that you submit all documentation 5 days before the advertising date to ensure your post(s) are included.

Advertising Schedule 2020

Recruitment Timeline Support Post

Recruitment Timeline - Academic Post