Updates to Core Time during the Covid-19 Closure

4.1 How should flexi-time operate during the period of COVID-19?
The normal operation of flexi-time, or equivalent attendance management rules, including any flexi-time accruals and deficits, continues to remain temporarily suspended for those employees who are working under different arrangements. This includes those who are working from home and working different shift patterns etc., which are required in order to support social distancing and public health requirements.  

Flexi-time arrangements will be re-introduced with effect from the commencement of the organisation’s next viable flexi period.

This arrangement applies only in circumstances where employees are attending the employer’s work premises and are working their normal, pre-COVID work attendance patterns.  

For those employees where flexi-time remains temporarily suspended, this arrangement does not preclude employers from using clocking in and out arrangements for monitoring purposes. Any balances accrued by employees before the suspension of flexible working hours arrangements can continue to remain and be held over until the COVID-19 working arrangements are no longer in place.

See the Annual Leave Policy during Covid-19 here

Please continue to book annual leave on Core Portal as normal during the Covid-19 closure

Details of the Flexi Period 2021 have now been updated and are available here‌‌

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