All substantive vacancies within the University will be advertised either externally in the case of academic or senior administration and or internally in the case of administrative, technical and general operative vacancies. Where after an internal advertisement a post has not been filled, it will be advertised externally subject to UMT approval (Short-term/temporary positions will be dealt with in line with the appropriate Equal Opportunities Policies).

For Research Funded Recruitment you should go to Research Recruitment

The University currently utilises E-Recruitment for all recruitment adverts. The advertisement contains key critical information pertaining to the post and is available to the candidate on the web. This detailed advertisement will be drafted by the Post Owner i.e. the Head of Discipline or School in consultation with the Dean of College and the Human Resources representative who will provide templates for the position. They will also specify where the post should be advertised in line with usual practice and available budget.

The advertisement will be based on the Job Description and it is vital that these are consistent and focused on the job in hand. A Job Descrition will be graded via the grading committee and should be submitted by the Post Owner to the Management Services Office to obtain same. All support positions are subject to a decision in respect of an Irish Requirement. This will be  obtained by the Human Resources Office on submission of a completed Job Description to An Rúnaí.

All advertisements are reviewed by the Human Resources Office to ensure that they conform to current policy, agreed University format and relevant legislation. The Human Resources Office is responsible for the placement of all recruitment advertisements. Independent recruitment action is contrary to University policy. The Human Resources Office advises where to best place an advertisement in conjunction with the Dean or designated persons.

All academic vacancies will be advertised externally, with a normal closing date of six weeks from the date of advertisement (3/4 weeks in the case of fixed term positions)

For support posts, closing date is 2/3/4 weeks depending on level of post, recruitment timeline and publications required.   Please ensure that you submit all documentation 5 days before the advertising date to ensure your post(s) are included.

Advertising Schedule 2020

Recruitment Timeline - Academic Post

Recruitment Timeline Support Post