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The Career Pathways to Development programme is a structured development framework for NUI Galway support services staff including technical and Library. It provides participants with developmental options including coaching, mentoring, job rotation, management and personal development training. Through active participation on the programme, staff will be positioned to demonstrate an increased level of performance in their current role and be prepared should a promotional opportunity arise. The focus and goal of the programme is to assist staff in expanding their current skill sets and developing their experiences to open up new career possibilities and offer greater job satisfaction.

The Career Pathways to Development programme fulfills the University's vision and mission in that it supports the internal mobility of skilled staff across diverse functions within the University, it provides a mechanism for developing a workforce with diverse competencies and experiences capable of migrating into new roles.

The Career Pathways to Development programme was launched on Thursday November 30th 2017 by the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. John Gill.‌


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