‌‌‌‌‌NUI Galway is committed to supporting staff undertaking educational programmes to enhance their professional and personal development. This commitment is in accordance with the strategic aims of the University to maximise the potential of staff, to support the recruitment and retention of staff and to ensure a positive commitment to equal opportunities.

Supports include:

  1. FEP (Further Education Policy) - a funding programme to which staff can apply for support when undertaking a part-time programme of study. 
  2. Study Leave Guidelines

FEP Policy and Application forms

The Further Education Policy is available to view or download.

The Closing Date for receipt of FEP Applications for AY2019/20 is Friday June 14th 2019.

Staff members applying for funding support for the first time for AY2019/20, please complete relevant application form below and submit by Friday June 14th 2019.

Staff members renewing their funding support for AY2019/20, please complete relevant application form below and submit by Friday June 14th 2019.

‌Study Leave Guidelines

‌ QA142 Study Leave Guidelines available to view or download.