Staff Identification Number (payroll number)

A Staff ID (payroll) number is your unique identifying number for access to University services. You will be allocated one when your contract is confirmed and you have submitted all personal details (i.e. PPS number, bank details etc.) to the Human Resources Office. Therefore it is essential that you submit all details as soon as possible, otherwise your access to services may be delayed.

You may email hr@nuigalway.ie to obtain your staff ID number.

Pay Date and Salary Information

Monthly salary payments at NUI Galway are made on the third last working day of each month by direct debit into your bank account, except for December when payment is made on the day the University offices close for Christmas. Up-to-date bank details must be given to the Human Resources Office to facilitate making the appropriate payment and withholding appropriate deductions. For further information on payslips, payment dates, tax and statutory deductions please see the payroll website www.nuigalway.ie/payroll

You must furnish the Human Resources Office with the following details in order to get paid:

1. Form P45

You must submit your P45 Request Form from your last employment to the Human Resources Office immediately on commencing employment in the University.

When you leave your employment, your employer must give you a form P45. Your P45 shows your pay, tax and PRSI deductions from the start of the tax year to the day you leave your employment. You need your P45 to give to your next employer, to claim a tax refund if unemployed, or if claiming Social Welfare benefits.

2. If you have not been previously employed in Ireland or if you have been in temporary unemployment, you will need to complete the following steps:
A. Obtain a Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number)

This is your unique reference number for all your dealings with the Public Service (e.g. applying to the tax office for a tax credits certificate, applying to the Department of Social, Community, and Family Affairs for a Social Welfare payment scheme etc.).  You should have a PPS No. if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Born in the state after 1971
  • Registered for tax after 1979
  • In receipt of a Social Welfare Payment
  • Issued with a Social Services Card

Where a PPS Number cannot be traced, the customer should complete a PPS Number Application Form (REG 1) available only in the Social Welfare Office. Proof of identity is a vitally important aspect of the PPS number allocation procedure and must be established before a PPS Number is allocated. Presented documents may be held for checking and the applicant's signature on the form must be witnessed by the officer receiving the application form.

All new employees are required to obtain a PPS number. The number may be obtained at the Department of Social Protection Office in Sean Duggan Centre, Fairgreen Road, Galway.  It is not possible to get a PPS number before entering the country if you are entering Ireland for the first time.

(Contact number: 00 353 91 500 800).

In all cases whether for new members or for a search for existing numbers, applicants will be required to call personally to their nearest or most convenient Local/Branch Office

To obtain a PPS number you must supply the following documentation:
  • Long version of birth certificate 
  • Passport or Driving Licence 
  • Supporting documentation (i.e. household bill, bank statement etc.) showing address in Ireland.
UK Nationals (may include residents of Northern Ireland) must have the following documentation:
  • Current Valid Passport 
  • Birth Certificate and valid photographic ID e.g. Full Driving Licence, Employment ID (with photo) 
  • Supporting documentation of either work/claim/residency/Tax liability/education history in the UK or Northern Ireland 
  • Document showing address in the Republic of Ireland
EEA Nationals (EU NATIONALS and citizens of Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) must have the following documentation:
  • Passport or National Identity Card 
  • Supporting documentation of either birth/work/unemployment/residency/tax liability/education in the European country 
  • Document showing address in Ireland
Non-EEA Nationals must have the following documentation:
  • Passport or Certificate of Registration with the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform (Green Book or Plastic Card) 
  • Supporting documentation of either birth/work*/unemployment/residency/tax liability/education in the foreign country. (* includes Work Permit or letter from the Dept. of Justice, Equality and Law Reform giving permission to work) 
  • Document showing address in Ireland
The following will not be accepted as Proof of ID:
  • Short version of a Birth Certificate
  • Provisional Driving Licence
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Personal letters
  • Photo-copies of certificates
  • Savings accounts recently opened
The following are acceptable documents showing address:

Household bill, official letter/document, financial statement, property lease or tenancy agreement, verified employers letter. All documents must show the applicants name and address.

Notification of PPS Numbers

In cases where a new PPS number is allocated, you will be advised of your new number through the issue of a letter of notification sent automatically within 3 to 5 working days by the Department of Social, Community, and Family Affairs. This letter is acceptable as proof of one's number for transactions with specified bodies for public services e.g., Health, Education, Revenue, Employment, Drivers Licence. More information about this can be obtained on the Department of Social Welfare website.

B. How to Register your employment with Revenue and avoid emergency or incorrect tax

When a PPS number has been granted you must register your employment with Revenue to obtain your Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-off Point.

You will need the following:

  • Your Personal Public Service Number (PPS No.)
  • Your employers PAYE Registration Number (NUI Galway's number is 0022578J)

Failure to obtain a 'Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-off Point' prior to commencing employment will result in you paying emergency TAX and USC.

Please see further information here

  • General Information for individuals coming to live in Ireland 

Revenue's publications "RES 2 Coming to live in Ireland" give general information on Residence rules. Residence status and domicile influence the extent to which an individual is liable to tax in Ireland and their entitlement to tax credits. It is important to tell the tax office what your intentions are with regard to residing in Ireland. Irish nationals returning to work in Ireland and nationals from other countries coming to work in Ireland, must answer the residence questions. In this section, state if you have moved / returned to live here on a permanent basis. Alternatively, if you are living here for a temporary period, or for temporary holiday work, state the expected duration of your stay. This information will assist the tax office in determining your entitlements.

Tax Office, Hibernian House, Eyre Square, Galway Telephone: 00353 91 500800 Email: galwaytax@revenue.ie

For information on how your tax is calculated go to The Irish Revenue websiteand click on FAQ's and then 'Lifetime Events'. Click on 'Transferring residence to Ireland'. Scroll down to question 17 and click on this to see how your tax is calculated.

  • Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI)

Employers PRSI is charged at 10.75% on a monthly salary over € 1,543.00 and at 8.5% on monthly salary between € 165.00 - € 1,525 and at .5% on monthly salary under € 165.00. Payroll will assume you are PRSI Class A unless there is a different class on your P45 or you notify HR on your commencement at NUI Galway.

3.  Bank Details as below:
  • Name and Address of Bank branch 
  • Account number, sort code, IBAN, BIC
  • Name(s) in which account is held
4.   PRD10

In order for payroll to determine what rate of PRD ( Pension Related Deduction) is applicable to your earnings at NUI Galway you must complete a "PRD10 Employment Declaration Form" upon commencement of employment at NUI Galway (For existing employees who hold a post in another public service body you should complete a PRD10 form if not already done so). Please click here for the PRD10 Form

5.   Pension related Deducation 45 (PRD45) Certificate

(For current tax year only). If you have previously been employed in the Irish public sector, you should receive or request a PRD45 on cessation from your former employer. Payroll only need this certificate if it relates to the same tax year you commenced at NUI Galway.