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Financial Matters

We'll let you know what your costs will be for university, including course fees, funding options, and the cost of living in Galway.

Money guidance

Fear not - we'll let you know everything you need money-wise while studying at NUI Galway, no matter who you are.


There are fees for each course, and each fee is dependent on the course or programme, what kind of student you are and what your situation is. For example, there is an EU fee and a non EU fee. There are also tax breaks so much of your fee can be covered.


There are many ways to fund your studies, from grants, to scholorships, to prizes, to fellowships, to financial support.  Find out what each funding option is and how you can apply.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Galway is comparable to the cost associated with living in Limerick or Cork, but is significantly lower than the cost of living in Dublin.

This table will give you a good indication of your monthly costs in Galway.

Accommodation 340 euro
Food 260 euro
Books/academic requisites 60 euro
Clothes, laundry 60 euro
Recreation 180 euro
Other 100 euro
Monthly Total 1,000 euro
Nine month academic year 9,000 euro



Want to live on campus? Find out about student housing. Or we can help you find an apartment nearby.

Course fees

Find out how much your course will cost

Understanding fees

What do all those course fees mean? Find out exactly how much you'll pay for your courses.

Campus life

There's lots to do at NUI Galway.Find out how you can get involved.