Research Facilities

Our University is at the heart of a distinctive city and region, renowned for its culture, creativity, technology and innovation. Our research community, whether curiosity-driven or challenge-led, spans the breadth of our academic disciplines and is undertaken at the level of individuals, research clusters and centres, and interdisciplinary flagship research institutes.  For a list of our research groups click here and to find out more about our colleges and schools click here.

Watch our video below on just one of our research facilities - Mace Head - a unique atmospheric research station. Situated on a remote headland along the coastline of Galway – it provides students and researchers at NUI Galway with a ground-breaking insight into air quality levels all around the world. Scroll further down for more detail on facilities accross all areas.

Biomedical Science and Engineering Facilities

Centre for Cell Manufacturing

The Centre for Cell Manufacturing at NUI Galway is the first and only approved facility on the Island of Ireland. The custom-built licensed centre is designed to manufacture Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products such as stem cells for use in human clinical trials. Cellular therapy is not a technology of the future, it is having an impact now, with thousands of ongoing clinical trials using stem cells as the preferred treatment option. Visit http://www.nuigalway.ie/stem-cells/ for more.

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Mass Spectrometry


Histology Laboratory

DNA Analysis Laboratory Equipment

Protein Vector Analysis Equipment

Materials and Mechanical Testing Equipment

Tissue Culture Laboratories


Environment, Marine and Energy Facilities

GIS Facility

The Informatics/GIS facility has the capability to process, manipulate, analyse and display spatial information.  The facility consists of a GIS Training Suite, an informatics office suite, and a depository of imagery datasets.

Carron Field Research Station

The Carron Field research Station is located in the botanically and topographically unique Burren Region in North West County Clare.  The station was established in"75 as a base for research personnel exploring the Burren, and is now also open for use by visiting parties.  The station sleeps 24, has modernized cooking and dining accommodation, several meeting rooms, and a fully serviced teaching laboratory.

Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station

The Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station, in Carna, County Galway has been a site for atmospheric measurements since"58.  The station offers westerly exposure to the North Atlantic ocean  and the opportunity to study atmospheric composition under Northern Hemispheric background conditions, as well as European continental emissions when the winds favour transport from that region.  Facilities include state-of-the-art aerosol and gas instrumentation, cloud and wave radar instrumentation, aerosol and meteorological profilers, micrometeorological flux equipment, and a marine meteorology and chemistry buoy facility.

Rapid Compression and Shock Tube Laboratories

The rapid compression and shock tube laboratories in NUI Galway include state-of-the-art experimental equipment to study the chemistry of combustion and its application to the development of energy-efficient engine and gas turbine combustion systems and the impact of their use on toxic and greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping address the problems of climate change.

Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences Facilities

Materials Characterisation

Laser Materials Processing