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Research Office

The Research Office has responsibility for the development and promotion of the University's research effort, with the ultimate objective of increasing the overall research performance of NUI Galway in the domain of research. The office carries out a central research support function for NUI Galway academic and research staff by providing a range of research support services, assistance and intelligence to researchers on a range of funded research programmes supported by national and international funding agencies.
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  lokesh-joshi-mrgProfessor Lokesh Joshi
Vice-President for Research
Tel: 353 91 495678 (Direct) Ext. 5768
Email: vpresearch@nuigalway.ie
Web: http://www.nuigalway.ie/our-research/people/natural-sciences/lokeshjoshi/

ro-no-pic-mrgMarina Brien
P.A. to the Vice-President for Research
Tel: 353 91 492047 (Direct) Ext. 2047
Email: marina.brien@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 225

a-parsons-mrgAengus Parsons

Tel: 353 91 493732 (Direct) Ext. 3732
Email: aengus.parsons@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 230

ann ryan head of research developmentDr Ann Ryan
Head of Research Development

Tel: 353 91 492034 (Direct) Ext. 2034
Email: ann.ryan@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 231

gary-lupton‌Dr Gary Lupton
Head of International Programmes
College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies
School of Law
Tel: 353 91 495821 (Direct) Ext. 5821
Email: gary.lupton@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 231

ro-no-pic-long-txtIan Knight
Head of Research Contracts
Tel: 353 91 492860 (Direct) Ext. 2860
Email: ian.knight@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 211

ro-no-pic-long-txtTony Flaherty
Research Support Officer (National Funding)
College of Engineering and Informatics
College of Science
Tel: 353 91 493124 (Direct) Ext. 3124
Email: tony.flaherty@nuigalway.ie

ro-no-pic-long-txtDr Silvia Maretto
Research Support Officer (International Funding)
College of Science
College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences
Tel: 353 91 492046 (Direct) Ext. 2046
Email: silvia.maretto@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 212B‌‌‌‌‌‌

 ro-no-pic-long-txtDr Marina Ansaldo
Research Support Officer (National Funding)
College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies
College of Business, Public Policy and Law
College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Tel: 353 91 492045 (Direct) Ext. 2045 /Rm No: 212‌
Email: marina.ansaldo@nuigalway.ie

dawn-howard-mrgDr Dawn Howard
Research Support Officer (International Funding)
Currently on maternity leave
Tel: 353 91 494475 (Direct) Ext. 4475
Email: dawn.howard@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 212

aine-ni-d-mrgÁine Ní Dhomhnaill
Research Support Officer (International Funding)
College of Business and Public Policy
College of Engineering and Informatics
Tel: 353 91 494477 (Direct) Ext. 4477 
Email: aine.nidhomhnaill@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 212

ro-no-pic-mrgCarmel Fennell
Research Desk Manager
Tel: 353 91 495382 (Direct) Ext. 5382
Email: carmel.fennell@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 229

ro-no-pic-mrgNoreen Goggin
RSS Database Coordinator  
Tel: 353 91 495168 (Direct) Ext. 5168
Email: noreen.goggin@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 229

ro-no-pic-long-txtGem Mathieu
Administrative Assistant 
(General Enquiries & Ethics Committee)
Tel: 353 91 495312 (Direct) Ext. 5312
Email: gem.mathieu@nuigalway.ie
Ethics queries: ethics@nuigalway.ie
Rm No: 212



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