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Research office

The Research Office has responsibility for the development and promotion of the University's research effort, with the ultimate objective of increasing the overall research performance of NUI Galway in the domain of research. The office carries out a central research support function for NUI Galway academic and research staff by providing a range of research support services, assistance and intelligence to researchers on a range of funded research programmes supported by national and international funding agencies.

 Lokesh Joshi1

Professor Lokesh Joshi
Vice-President for Research

Tel: 353 91 495678 (Direct) Ext. 5768


 ‌Catherine Waples

Catherine Waples
P.A. to the Vice-President for Research

Tel: 353 91 492047 (Direct) Ext. 2047
Rm No: 225

 Orla Baxter 1 Orla Baxter
Strategy & Planning

Tel: 353 91 493124 (Direct) Ext. 3124
Rm No: 230
 ‌‌‌Ann Ryan 1

Dr. Ann Ryan
Research Support Officer

(SFI, HRB, NIH, Wellcome Trust)

Tel: 353 91 492034 (Direct) Ext. 2034
Rm No: 231


 ‌‌‌‌‌Fiona Burns  1

Fiona Burns
Research Support Officer
(Irish Research Council, EPA, DAFM)

Tel: 353 91 493732 (Direct) Ext. 3732
Rm No: 229


 ‌Natalie Walsh 1

Natalie Walsh
Research Desk Manager

Tel: 353 91 495382 (Direct) Ext. 5382
Rm No: Unit 8, Business Innovation Centre 


 Sarah McGauley


Ena Brophy

Tel: 353 91 494477 (Direct) Ext. 4477
Rm No: Unit 8, Business Innovation Centre

 Marie Kennedy

‌Marie Kennedy

Tel: 353 91 494476 (Direct) Ext. 4476
Rm No: Unit 8, Business Innovation Centre

 ‌Noreen Goggin 1

Noreen Goggin
RSS Database Coordinator  

Tel: 353 91 495168 (Direct) Ext. 5168
Rm No: 229

 ‌Eithne O'Connell 1

Eithne O'Connell
Administrative Assistant 
(General Enquiries & Ethics Committee)

Tel: 353 91 495312 (Direct) Ext. 5312
Rm No: Unit 8, Business Innovation Centre


 Clodagh Barry

Clodagh Barry
Communication & Engagement Officer

Tel: 353 91 495677 (Direct) Ext. 5677
Rm No: 215

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